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Pictures from the 2005 World Nordic Championships, Obersdorf, Germany
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2005/02/16)


Some interesting stories surrounding the Nordics...
Race Videos for Download!
Estonian News Coverage (AMAZING! Imagine if N. America covered sports, other than NHL hockey strikes, this way?)
Can you pick the medal winners? (FasterSkier.com)
2003 World Championship Results
Eurosport Reviews
Oberstdorf at a glance
German's hit by Flu bug
Sommerfeldt interview
US Team Preview/Predictions
Russians Dope - Suspected by Several Coaches

A few pictures from a friend at the Championships!

Skiing14 Skiing20 Skiing15 Skiing16 Skiing17 Skiing18 Skiing19 Skiing13 Skiing5 Skiing22 Skiing9 Skiing12 Skiing11 Skiing8 Skiing10 Skiing6 Skiing7 Skiing21 Skiing32 Skiing2 Skiing3 Skiing4 Skiing25 Skiing26 Skiing27 Skiing28 Skiing29 Skiing30 Skiing23 Skiing31 Skiing33 Skiing34 Skiing35 Skiing36 Skiing24 Skiing38 Skiing39 Skiing40 Skiing41 Skiing42 Skiing43 Skiing44 Skiing45 Skiing46 Skiing47 Skiing48 Skiing49 Skiing50 Skiing51 Skiing52 Skiing53 Skiing54 Skiing55 Skiing56 Skiing57 Skiing58 Skiing59 Skiing60
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