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Gatineau Park Evening Gate Closures: May 2nd - Oct. 30th, 2006
By:  Chelsea Nordiq   (2006/05/03)


To All Gatineau Park Users,

Chelsea Nordiq has just signed a contract with NCC to organize gate closures from P8 to P9 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, from May 2 to October 30th.

This is the 6th season that Chelsea provides this service to the community. There are a handful of volunteers from Chelsea Nordiq, Ottawa Inline Skating Club and various other local Ski Clubs who assist in closing and re-opening the gates. Thank you to those who provide the service for the enjoyment of many recreationalist!

Starting in September until the winter season closure, the gates will be closed by other local ski clubs on Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 am to 10:00 am during Fall Colours. Watch for this announcement on XCOTTAWA website.

We suggest that you wear a helmet when rollerskiing, inlining or blading, bring water and sunscreen. Please report wild life to NCC or Chelsea Nordiq. For safety, please avoid wild and woolly play, including cycling time trial (too many users).

Many recreational walkers, runners, families on bikes, inline skaters, bladers, and rollerskiers have used this section of the parkway to their enjoyment without vehicle traffic. There is NO cost or registration to participate. It is open to the public from any area of the world!

Chelsea Nordiq and other organized clubs would like to thank NCC for providing this sector for public, recreational and training purposes within the safe use of the Park. There is little-to-no environmental damage and it is a great place to teach children about road safety.

We encourage all users to let NCC or Chelsea Nordiq know about your enjoyment on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Bike Days, and Weekend Closures in the FAll. Email me or contact NCC directly.

We would like to thank our Sponsors for their great support this past winter season: Lafleur de la Capitale Inc, Dow Honda, Camp Fortune, and Greg Christie Ski and Cycle Works.

See you at P8,

Linda Landry
Chelsea Nordiq - Cross Country Ski and Biathlon Club

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