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2006/03/29 - Spring Skiing Pictures from Alan Armstrong
By:  Alan Armstrong   (2006/03/29)

If you have spring skiing photos to share, send them along and we'll post them. We'd also like to know how late into the spring you ski...send us a picture!

I noticed that you had last put up some photos of ski conditions a week ago, and thought that you might be interested in a few taken this morning (they’re nothing special, but maybe they’ll help encourage some of the doubters that there is still great skiing!). The only bare spots (pavement) that I encountered on the big loop were under the bridge by P5, and Champlain Lookout is getting kind of bare! The trails off the parkway hadn’t been groomed and were still pretty “crusty” when I was out, so I stayed off them, but I talked to a few people who said that there are some rocks and bare spots around the top of Penguin.

Still lots of people out enjoying the great spring skiing! (I’m thankful to have an understanding manager who has let me be flexible with my hours!)

Champlain Parkway between the Y junction and P5.

Champlain Parkway between the Y junction and P6.

Champlain Parkway between the Y junction and P5.

Top of Black Lake Hill.

Black Lake Hill looking up.

Gatineau Parkway between Y-junction and P5.

Gatineau Parkway, top of downhill to P5.

Huron Lookout.

P5 looking towards the overpass.

P5 looking towards Penguin.

Photo Credits: Alan Armstrong

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