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National Championships Interview Series: Perianne Jones
By:  Team XCOttawa   (2006/03/06)


XC Ottawa managed to get in touch with a number of prominent skiers who grew up skiing in Ottawa. We asked them for their thoughts on the season just passed, their goals for next year, and their focus for the upcoming National Championships. Weíll post a new one every day as Nationals goes on!

Today we are talking to Perianne Jones. Peri is from Almonte and grew up skiing with the Nakkertok Ski Club. She now lives in Canmore (AB) where she lives with Olympic Gold medalist Chandra Crawford. They should be a deadly duo at Vancouver in 2010.

Question: How has your season progressed up to this point? Have you been happy with the way things have gone? What were the highlights of you season?

Answer: To be honest up to this point my season has been pretty bad. Iíve had a few ok races, but my plan is to make the national championships the highlight of my season. If I had to name a highlight Iíd say the sprint at U-23ís in Slovenia. The qualifier was great, and then I didnít do quite as well in the heats.

Question: What are your plans for next season? Do you have any specific training or competition goals for the spring/summer, and for next winter?

Answer: My spring goal is to relax, recover and take lots of time off. This summer Iíll focus on strength (specifically upper body) this always seems to be the goal, and it is getting better little by little.

Question: Are you going to Nationals this year? Do you enjoy racing at Nationals, and if so, why?

Answer: There has been a bit of a break in our racing schedule with the Olympics going on, so I canít wait to race at Nationals! After watching the Olympics who isnít excited to race?

Question: What are your goals for Nationals? What race will you focus on at Nationals, and why?

Answer: My main goal is to put in some solid distance races. Iíll focus on all of the races equally I think, except maybe the 30km. That one will be more of a learning experience seeing as Iíve only ever done one other one in my life.

Question: What was your favourite National Championships youíve ever been to? Why?

Answer: Canmore! We had lots of time to socialize because of the cold weather, and then the races were good too.

Question: Do you like Lappe Nordic Centre (host of this yearís Nationals)? If so, why?

Answer: Iíve only skied at Lappe in 2000 when they hosted the Jr Nationals, and from what I can remember it was awesome, how can you go wrong with Finnish pancakes?

Question: Who are your picks to win the following races:

Menís Club Relay: Foothills Nordic

Womenís Club Relay: Edmonton Nordic

Menís Sprint: Sean Crooks

Womenís Sprint: Dasha, but Iím going to give her a run for her money!

Menís 50k: Dan Roycroft

Womenís 30k: Milaine Theriault

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