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Olympic Pool 2006 Final Standings
By:  Tom McCarthy   (2006/02/27)


Olympic Pool Final Standings

Adam Doogan-Smith30
Craig Storey27
Steve Paradine23
Tom McCarthy22
Sports Illustrated20
Chris Pella15
Chad Yurich16
David Zylberberg16
Gavin Hamilton15
Andrew Wynd14
Ed McCarthy13
Pierre-Olivier Dorego11
Dan Murray11
Ken Trischuk10
Wayne Dustin8
Sheila Kealey7
Chris Tassava6
Nevin French5
Erik Kiaer2


Day #9 - Men's 50km

No one guessed right today. Close for lots of people, but not right. Thanks for playing everyone it was fun. Now we can all apply for jobs as prognosticators for CBC!

Day #8... Women's 30km

Hmm... almost everyone had Neumannova and Tchepalova in some order in there. No one had Kowalcyk though.

Day #7... Sprints!

Chandra!! and Lind.

Some of us Chandra in for a medal, some Beckie but no counted on Gold...probably least of all herself. Good stuff! Oh, and Lind was an easy 5pts.

Day #6... Men's 15km, Women's Relay and Men's Relay

So, we've been a bit too busy with Keski,OUs and just watching the Olympics to update this the last few days. But there were more than a few surprises in recent events! First, the Norwegians didn't make the podium in the men's classic race on Friday. That was like Canada loosing to Switzerland in Olympic hockey. But to see them shut out in both relay races too? Yike! But wide open competitions like the ones that have happened at these Olympics are far more exciting to watch. There is one thing to watch for here. Sweden may loose the Bronze, France has put in a protest that they skied off course but that remains to be decided. Here's the matrix of everyone's picks... XCOttawaOlympicPool.xls

Day #3... Women's 10km Classic

With only the women's 10km classic race today there are fewer points available. Not much change in the leader board. Chris Pella should have a job predicting Silver medals in the women's races, he's 3/3.

Day #2... Team Sprints

SI proves to be more expert than expected getting all 3 men's spots right and earning the bonus points! Of course they've struck out in every other race so far so maybe we'll just call this lucky. The leader board is getting interesting, with lots of people collecting points. The biggests movers of the day was Adam Doogan-Smith, followed by Gavin Hamilton and the McCarthy boys.

Day #1... Pursuits

Not too many experts here! These races are wide open with almost anyone of a dozen men or women able to win a medal on any day. This is great for the sport, but can make the so called "experts" look like amateurs. By far the most picked skier today was Beckie Scott. Almost everyone had her picked for a medal, most for gold. Very few had Bjoergen oddly enough.

M sprint  
Correct Answers
Gold  Lind
Chris P, Chis T, Steve, Craig, Adam, P-O, Dave, Wayne
Silver  Darragon
Bronze  Fredrickson
Adam, Ken, Gavin, Chad
M team sprint  
SI predicted all 3!
Gold Sweden
SI, Craig, Gavin, Adam, P-O, Tom
Silver Norway
SI, Craig, Gavin, Adam, Tom
Bronze Russia
SI, Chris P., Steve, Erik, Andrew, Ed
M 15km Classic  

Gold Veerpalu
Chad, Tom
Silver Bauer
Bronze Angerer
M 30km Pursuit  

Gold Dementiev
Silver Estil
Craig, Chad, Dave Z.
Bronze Piller Cottrer
Jack S., Chris T., Ken T., Ed
M 50km Skate  

Gold  Di Centa
Silver  Denetiev
Bronze  Botwinov
M 4x10 Relay  

Gold Italy
Steve, Andrew
Silver Germany
Sheila, Ed
Bronze Sweden
Andrew, Tom
W Sprint Skate  

Gold  Chandra!
Silver  Kuenzel
Bronze  Sidko
W Team Sprint Classic
Gold Sweden
Craig, Andrew, Adam, Ed, Tom
Silver CANADA!
Jack, Chris P., Gavin, Ed
Bronze Finland
Andrew, P-O
W 10km Classic  

Gold Smigun
Silver Bjorgen
Chris P., Steve, Chad, Ken
Bronze Pedersen
Erik K.,
W 15km Pursuit  

Gold Smigun
Silver Neumanova
Chris P., Sheila, Craig, Adam, Dan
Bronze Medvedeva
W 30km Skate  

Gold  Neumannova
SI, Nevin, Adam, Ken, Dan, Dave
Silver  Tchepalova
Steve, Dave
Bronze  Kowalcyk
W 4x5 Relay  

Gold Russia
Silver Germany
Steve, Craig, Chad, Gavin, Dan
Bronze Italy
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