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Athlete Diary Entry: Eva Szabo - Start of a new year...
By:  Eva Szabo   (2006/01/18)


This is the second time Iím trying to write this Athleteís Diary thing. I tried to write one back in November but ended up dwelling on the stressful year I had last year that was marred by a difficult school year and a strange combination of better than usual and disappointing races. Now, with a couple races out of the way, my thoughts on the rest of this season are coming more clearly into focus.

The trip out west for the Silver Star and Canmore races was really refreshing. My races were about what I expected. I got hit kind of hard by the altitude in Silver Star and I had some definite moments of wimpyness in most of the races, but there was a definite improvement in my sprinting and all in all, it was a solid start. Also, I got a chance to visit the University of Calgary and talk to a couple professors who I would like to work with for a Masters degree. So in the end, the trip was a great way to start thinking about the future instead of dwelling on the past.

This year is my first year belonging to a non-school-related ski club, and it has been great working with both XC Ottawa and Carleton University so far. The season is really just beginning to get started, and I canít wait to see what the rest of the season brings.


Eva racing in Canmore this past December.

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