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Winterman 10km run + 50km Ski, Dec. 31st, 2005!
By:  Dev Paul   (2005/12/28)

The 8th annual Winterman training event on Dec 31. Its pretty simple, 10K run, followed by 50K XC ski.

Run 10K, start 7:30 am

From Gatineau Park P8 out to the Notch Road overpass and back. Format is a group run, but those who want to do the "year end drag race" are invited to turn on the jets for the final 5 K...just remember that you have a 50K ski to do...so have some respect. If you don't want to do the ski feel free to show up and do 2 or three loops of the run.

Ski 50K, start time 8:30 am

From P8 straight up Penguin on trail 1 to the Firetower and back to Champlain via 1b, and 24 each way. From Champlain, return via the Parkway for the full 50. For those not up for the full 50, you are invited to either head straight back on trail 1, down Penguin (40K). Or turnaround at any point along the way for shorter ski options if your fitness is not there yet. Plan to ski in a group (as much as possible) till Champlain, then turn on the afterburners (or if you are bonking...the fumes...)
If you plan to ski less than 50K please stay at the back and don't disrupt the pace of those going 50K by hammering early. I'll be inclined to stick a pole in a vulnerable body part if you do this and turn around early :-(. You are welcome to go skate or classic. There will be people doing both, but many will skate.


This is a free self supported training day. Bring your own nutrition.


Usually, I can guarantee that the weather will suck. It will either be minus 20, a snow storm or freezing rain. Don't count on anything better :-(

My Training Ski

Speaking of hardcore, Paul Tolomizcenko softened me up today by dragging me around the park for an 80K skate ski from Gamelin to the Firetower, plus an exta loop of the new Keski start finish loop form Gamelin. Conditions were fantastic.
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