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Gifts for Skiers!
By:  Team XCOttawa.ca   (2005/12/20)


Oh, oh, not many shopping days left! Do you still need to find a gift or two for the skiers on your list? Here are our ideas for some great gifts that any skier would love.

BIG gifts

Topping our list, as always, are new skis! You can never really have too many pairs, just like socks.

Why not some new Infinity ski poles to go with those new skis? Made in Canada these are ligther, stiffer, stronger and cheaper than anything else out there! The skier that gets these for won't believe the difference they make. Looking to really wow 'em? You will with these. Not to mention that if you buy them through us you are also supporting our team.

For those looking to improve their Keskinada times this winter why not get them some really fast wax? Vauhti IR spectra is high-fluoro wax that seems to always be gliding fast in Ottawa. Maybe some Red Creek tools like a Roto-brush too? Get them at many Ottawa stores: Greg Christie’s, Pecco’s and Fresh Air Experience.

Why not encourage skiers to get out more often?

  • A Gatineau Park trail pass
  • An XC-Zone Ski camp session

Looking for stylish new shades? Rudy Project's Technically cool eyewear suits all skiers! Not being picky we will suggest any of the following sporty models:

Gifts that support skiing!

Why not checkout the CCC store and get great stuff while supporting Canadian athletes?

You can get any of the following...


Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers

Still on a student budget and running low on cash?

  • Red Creek groove scrapers
  • Lessons? Email lessons@xcottawa.ca!
  • ClifBars, any flavour.
  • A trusty putty knife
  • Some bulk Vauhti blue storage wax - the best storage wax ever!
  • Vauhti ski-ties
  • A colourful palette of Vauhti Grip Waxes
  • eload of course. Great training drink. Try it warm and during the cold weather so it keeps you warm and also does not freeze as quickly.
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Toe warmers and hand warmers
  • Vauhti Natural cork for smoothing cold hard wax
  • Vauhti Synthetic cork for smoothing warmer grip waxes and colder klisters

Still stuck? Windbriefs or Socks it is! Everyone always needs one or two more pairs of good ski socks than they have. Some good ones are Finn-Wool.

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