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The XC Ottawa & E-Load 2015 Ski Photo Challenge: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!
By:  Andre Marchand   (2015/03/29)


Lot's of fantastic photos were submitted for the contest, it was a great way to see what adventures other skiers got up to this winter. After all the voting, your top 3 photos were submitted by Jo-Ann Holden, Deb Hine, and Anthony Cyr! Congratulations, we will be contacting you shortly to give you your E-Load prize! :)

A huge thank you to all who submitted there photos :)

1st prize: Jo-Ann Holden's night time ski to a cabin near Lac Phillipe.

2nd prize: Deb Hine, who captured these two skiers skiing into the sunset on the Ottawa river.

3rd prize: Anthony Cyr, with his self-titled photo "Best Photo of the Year", which contains his dad Bruno cheering him on during his race!

Hope everyone enjoyed the photos as much as we did!

Andre M.
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