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OUA Championships 2015: Preview
By:  Liza Rozina   (2015/02/15)


While half of the team is preparing for the Gatineau loppet taking place in Ottawa this weekend (check out our wax recommendation right here), the other half is in an even colder spot, North Bay, awaiting the kick-off of the much anticipated OUA championship this evening.

This yearsOUA's are being hosted in North Bay, and promise to be quite an exciting event, with a "tour de Nippissing" format. There will be 3 races, in 3 days, in 3 different ski locations. With winter festival events on top of all that!

The tour de Nippissing kicks off today, Feb. 13th at 5pmwitha team sprint. Teams consist of 2 people, and each person does 3 laps, alternating,of a 500m loop on the Laurentian ski hill, which was freezing last night, by the way.Tomorrow's event is a 6.6km classic race at the Nippissing campus trails. Sunday is the 10km skate race, interval starts, at the North bay Nordic ski club.

This year's Carleton team consists of: Kendra Murray, Adrienne Hynes, Isabelle MacLean, Liza Rozina, Kyla Vanderzwet, Holly Jones, Logan Hong, and Sarah Murray on the women's side. The men's team is: Colin Abbott, Steffan Lloyd, Carrington Pomeroy, Patrick Van Walraven, Nelson Allan, Avery Vreugdhenhil-Beauclerc, Graham Perry, and Chris Weller.

With temperatures currently sitting at -24 degrees celsius, it's a tough call on the races tonight. The Carleton team is keeping busy and we have found tons to do, in spite of the cold temperatures.

The morning started off with a "Target run". Toyour averageperson, that means aquick shopping trip tothe store, Target.Naturally Colin assumed we were going for an actual run, and showed up decked out in all his running gear. In retrospect, maybe it was a good idea, considering we broke out in a spontaneous yoga sesh in the men's clothing department during this "Target run", in typical skier fashion.


We did end up going on a short run around noon though. It ended up not being not so short, and we found out there is lots of fencing in North Bay, much to our dismay.

Keep your eyes peeled for the results all weekend and cheer on Carleton team. Thank you for your support!


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