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The Cross-country Skier's Alphabet
By:  Liza Rozina   (2015/01/03)


A is for skiing in the alps and avoiding avalanches,

B is for not losing your baskets when you're backcountry skiing,

C is for carrot, a grip wax used for the classic technique,

D is for dreadful downhills, and diagonal striding uphills,

E is for eating to make enough energy

F is for your skis flexing when you are freestyling, flying off jumps,

G is for gripping and gliding on the groomed trails,

H is for experiencing a header while you're herringboning on your hairies,

I is for ice, which is not nearly as nice as soft fluffy snow,

J is for jumping for joy, when Ottawa finally gets some snow!

K is for klister that helps you kick,

L is for lunge, what you do at the end of a race,

M is for the mighty mountain, which you ski up and down

N is for nordic, the best kind of skiing!

O is for oops uttered when you go off-track,

P is for push-ups and pull-ups that will prove that you can pole faster,

Q is for quenching your thirst after a long slow distance ski,

R is for roaring on your rollerskis when the roads are bare of snow,

S is for our spandexy suits worn when skating in the snow,

T is for tucking on a long touring ski,

U is for uphills, the best part of skiing,

V is for Vauhti, an awesome ski wax company!

W is for waxing, which makes your skis go faster,

X is for XCOttawa, an elite XCski team,

Y is for the Yeti, a noble creature, and XCOttawa's favourite mascot

Z is for the zzzz's at the end of a long day of skiing!

Now you know your nordic skiing ABC's, won't you come and ski with me?

Thank you to Craig Storey for contributing I, L, and M to the alphabet!

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