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Making a List & Checking it Twice
By:  Logan Hong   (2014/12/03)


 Well, it’s getting to be that time of year again!! Shopping malls will be getting more and more crowded as people pour out their wallets and cram for last minute Christmas gifts. If you haven’t already started your Christmas shopping there’s still time! My Dad has just updated me with his Christmas countdown (starting Jan.1st) and as of today, there is officially 28 more days until Christmas! For those of you who have no idea where to start and have a nordic skier on your shopping list, I’ve got just the thing for you… Getting into the spirit of Christmas, I have deemed it appropriate to compile a Christmas Wish List for your typical nordic skier. After asking fellow skiers what they would want on their wish list’s this is what I’ve gathered…

For the skiers that have made Santa’s “Nice List”….

ie. met their goals, were supportive teammates, had a personal best, remembered to thank their coaches and wax techs, was a good sport, finished their race regardless of their position etc.

-high fluorocarbons (for the exceptionally nice skier)

-clif bars


-Vauhti wax

-wind briefs (for the men)

-sports bras (for the lovely ladies)

-wool socks


-32oz Nalgene water bottles

-water belts

-diamond files 

-moleskin (for those who’ve had frost bite)



-travel sized espresso machine


-boot dryers

-Rudy Project sunglasses

-workout clothes

-heart rate monitor 

-“Who the F*** is Petter Northug” t-shirt 

-puffy down coat

-….things from Fresh Air Experience


For the skiers that have made Santa’s “Naughty List”

ie. broke someone else’s equipment in a ski race, consistently showed up late to practice without a reasonable excuse, missed their start, blamed someone else for poor results, and above all else, broke at least one of the 10 commandments of skiing (see http://www.xcottawa.ca/articles.php?id=2813) !

-their own skis….. entirely klister waxed! (for the unacceptably naughty skier)

-a broken pole

-extremely intense post Christmas intervals

-wax remover that doesn't work

-hat that is too small and doesn't cover their ears

-ice cream headache 

-full snow facial

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