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Chelsea Nordiq, Nakkertok, Skinouk and XCOttawa Rollerski T.T. UPDATED
By:  Katie McMahon   (2014/08/28)

Update: This past weekend was the third race in this local series of roller ski time trials being held in the Gatineau Park. For a change in pace, this time it was a mass start classic uphill time trial. Again with an extremely impressive turn out, all the local ski clubs got together and raced each other for a painful yet satisfying 6.5km from p10 up fortune parkway to Champlain Lookout. To put this in perspective, the open men finished in just under 20minutes and the open women were in at about 23 minutes. It was long, hot and challenging but fun and exciting having the opportunity to race and watch so many skiers in the region compete. All in all another successful event and we look forward to working with the other awesome clubs in our region again! Some notable results were Andre Marchand's win in the Open men's category and Sheila Kealey's win in the Open women's category. Congratulations to all racers, it was a tough one! Some quotes overheard at the event: "That was fun! It was so awesome to race in classic!" "I was doing fine until the 'T intersection' , then I met Death..and he followed me to the finish" "It was great to race my friends in other clubs!" "I'm meltinnnngggggg!!!" Until the next suffer fest! See you in the park :) ********************************************************************************************************* Today was the first in a series of local roller ski time trials to take place over the summer in Gatineau Park. A very impressive turnout enjoyed the closed roads and long climbs of the Gatineau Parkway. Distances were 6 and 9 kms for a very large range of categories. It was a great opportunity to stay in touch with what hard ski racing feels like, and all the participants were very thankful for everyone who volunteered, mainly from Nakkertok and Chelsea Nordiq.

XC Ottawa was very pleased to be able to take advantage of this great opportunity and we look forward to doing it again several more times.

An interesting feature of this time trial was that splits were taken at various points along the course, allowing people to get an idea of where they went the fastest relative to other people. This is potentially useful in terms of understanding particular strengths and weaknesses, and in terms of developing better pacing strategies.

For the record, here are the XC Ottawa skiers' results:

Race clock start 0:00:00 (~ 8:40AM)


P5 Dave turn Dave back
Athlete BIB# start time† FINISH Penguin Pen-P5 P5-Dave Dave-Mica Mica-Dave to finish to finish to finish

Katie M 83 0:58:00
0:19:59 0:06:08 0:02:02 0:04:56


Megan McTavish 84 0:58:30
0:18:07 0:05:35 0:01:57 0:04:26


Sheila K 85 0:59:00
0:17:29 0:05:16 0:01:49 0:04:05


Andre M 87 1:00:00
0:26:04 0:04:48 0:01:49 0:04:07 0:03:32 0:05:44

Karl Saidla 88 1:00:30
0:22:56 0:04:31 0:01:40 0:03:27 0:03:11 0:04:45

Mark Rajack 90 1:01:30
0:29:10 0:05:37 0:02:01 0:04:31 0:03:46 0:06:05

Liza R 91 1:02:00
0:19:08 0:05:40 0:01:57 0:04:23


Ingrid 92 1:02:30
0:17:46 0:05:21 0:01:49 0:04:21


Kyla ? 93 1:07:00
0:20:14 0:06:06 0:02:11 0:04:41


Arthur Ayers 94 1:03:30
0:21:25 0:04:30 0:01:30 0:03:20 0:02:53 0:04:20


For the time being, you will have to settle for pictures, taken by Sheila:

Most of the XC Ottawa women\'s starting squad: Sheila, Ingrid, Megan, Liza, Katie.

Ingrid obviously went for it. As for Megan, it is harder to guess based on the picture.

In this picture we see that Jeep Eagle is still reaping the benefits of their sponsorship of the 1995 Canadian Junior Championships at Camp Fortune. Pictured are Karl and Arthur Ayers.

Nakkertok Head coach Kieran Jones and others manning the clipboards:

A competitor in one of the younger categories. The other two must have forgotten their rollerskis or something.....

Here we see, among others, Chelsea Nordiq Head Coach Maurice Samm in red, and Katie McMahon with the poles she uses to to spear threatening animals with.

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