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Gatineau Parkways are now closed to traffic for the winter.
By:  Ian Lennie   (2013/10/29)


The parkways in Gatineau Park are now closed to vehicular traffic for the winter. Rollerskiing, inline skating, cycling, longboarding, running, etc. are permitted until the snow flies on Gatineau Parkway north of Gamelin (P3), all of Fortune Parkway and all of Champlain Parkway.

A few words of thanks:

  • to the NCC for sanctioning our access to this unique set of roadways and, this year, for hiring Demsis to do much of the closing and reopening of the parkways a nice, unexpected break for many volunteers in the cross-country ski community;

  • to one ski club Chelsea Nordiq who nonetheless filled in extensively with closing/reopening throughout the summer and fall;

  • to the Ottawa Inline Skating Club for closing and reopening on Tuesday evenings during the summer;

  • to le Club Espoir Triathlon of Gatineau for doing likewise on Wednesday evenings;

  • and to John Fahey, who not only provides very convenient storage space for the signs, pylons and keys used in closing the parkways but who also shuts and reopens probably more gates than anyone else, always cheerfully.

Enjoy the un-trafficed parkways and, as always, please go safely and take care of the park environment and each other.

See you out there,

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