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Training in Beautiful British Columbia
By:  Katie McMahon   (2013/08/08)

In keeping with the theme that seems to be the latest and greatest stream of articles on our website, I would love to share a quick little photo journal of my latest ski training adventure. This past week I got together on Vancouver Island with my family for my Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. As much of a vacation as this quick little getaway was, it was also an awesome opportunity to try new types of training in new and exciting places!
On a hike up Mt. Washington

Looking out at the top.
Descending. Getting steep!
At this point I think the blood sugar was getting very low...
Feeling spoiled! I took advantage of my Grandmother's garden to do a sweet core/yoga workout.
One of the best parts about training on the island is SURFING!!! So awesome! Not to mention quite the good workout (maybe not recommended as a permanent cross-training activity for skiing, but I'm not going to lie; I was dead tired/sore afterwards)

Another activity I had the opportunity to try on the island was mountain biking. Now I had somewhat considered myself a pretty good mountain biker out here in the Gatineau hills. Let me tell you, the bruises that now cover my legs will attest to the fact that those west coast trails whooped my butt! Although I must say it was pretty sweet to ride on a full suspension bike (another first for me).
 Last but not least, I decided to give the sport of stand up paddle boarding (or SUPing as they say) a try. Joining a "social paddle" from the Comox Marina, 'SUPed' into the harbour and out into an ocean inlet that runs through that part of the island. The water was so clear I could see schools of fish swimming underneath my board and starfish chillin' on the rocks. Then, all of a sudden, I was surronded by playful seals. They were floating beside me and jumping and swimming all around. Unnerving at first, once I realized they weren't alarmed in anyway, I relaxed and really enjoyed the experience.
 So basically all in all, a great 1 person training camp away from home. Vancouver Island is truly a magical place, and offers tons of neat training and adventure opportunities. I hope you all get to go and visit one day :)
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