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What's New from SUUNTO!
By:  Andre Marchand   (2013/06/03)

Suunto makes an extremely large range of watches, from diving computers to training instruments, to simply stylish everyday watches, Suunto has it all! As skiers our focus is mainly on the training instruments. Here are some of the recent additions to this sport watch category.

The new standard for training watches:Suunto QUEST

The Quest is a great option for athletes looking to track there heart rate during interval workouts, or during long training outings that are supposed to be completed in Zone 1. One of the key functions that make it ideal for XC Ottawa's athletes is the "Interval timer" that can be set-up on the fly to time the length of each rep, the number of rep's, and the rest between each interval. Furthermore, later you can upload your workout to "MOVESCOUNT.COM" and analyse which zones you were in throughout the interval session. The graphical plot of your HR can even be sent to your coach via email, so he or she can also take a look it. The Quest is also compatible with GPS, bike and running pods for those looking to get a bit more out of their watch.

Another bonus with the Quest is that it's quite stylish and can be worn regularly without it standing out as a huge and awkward heart-rate monitor. The Quest is simply a great heart-rate monitor for any athlete in training.

The integrated wrist-top GPS unit:Suunto AMBIT, AMBIT2 and Ambit2 S

The "Ambit" line in the Suunto sports watches are all GPS watches, which is a lot of fun for tracking your workout's and mapping out your adventures! The first Ambit is still available, so what's new with the Ambit2? To summarize the main additions, the Ambit2 has a countdown timer and training support for swimming and biking. While the Ambit2 has all the features, the Ambit2 S has trimmed down on some of the more minor features. For example, the Ambit2 S still has a built in altimeter, but it won't give you information on the barometric altitude, or the vertical speed.

The Ambit2 S is an ideal watch for the ATHLETE seeking a GPS training watch, if however you are looking for more advanced features from your GPS to go on an ADVENTURE, go with the Ambit2.

All the Suunto sports watches are compatible withBOTHWindows and Mac for uploading and downloading workouts.

Suunto has an excellent website, at www.suunto.com, which is very user friendly makes finding information on the products very easy. If you're looking for a Suunto retailer in Ottawa, check out Fresh Air Experience, www.freshairexp.com.

Keep the shiny side down.

Andre M.
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