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E-Load Marathon Race Report: Canadian Ski Nationals Mass Start Free
By:  Liza Rozina   (2013/04/13)


The last event of this year’s Canadian Ski Nationals in Callaghan was the long distance skate race. Much like the rest of the week, the day was bright, sunny and just plain perfect. The men’s 50k began at 9am that morning, and the women got to race at 11:45am, in the heat of the sun. The variety of tans and bruises obtained during the race was diverse and interesting.

As shown in the picture of Megan taking her feed above, XCOttawa athletes were powered by E-load sports drinks, producing in some impressive results on this hot, hard day.

Matthias was the first XCOttawa skier to finish the 50k that day with a time of 2:15:24.5 earning him a solid 32nd place in the open men category. He was followed by Karl in 41st with a time of 2:18:51.5, Peter 50th with 2:21:54.0, Andre 66th with 2:32:22.9, Kyle 71st with 2:41:04.8 and Logan 75th with 2:49:09.0.

Liza passing through the stadium

Sheila powering through

Kyla looking like she's enjoying the sun

On the women’s side, Sheila finished the 30k with a time of 1:28:57 earning her the 18th spot. She was followed by Megan in 26th clocking in at 1:32: 50.5, Liza in 30th at 1:33:36, Ingrid in 38th at 1:40:19.8, and Kyla in 43rd at 1:45:43.8.

The team enjoying their last day at Nationals. A huge thank you goes out to Michael Abbott and Anna Geiger-Whitlock, our wax techs throughout the entire week, for an awesome job dealing with tricky conditions and early mornings! And a huge shout-out to all the feeders that helped us get through a very tough race!
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