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Carleton Ravens Capture Silver at OUA Championships
By:  Liza Rozina   (2013/03/05)

The Carleton University Nordic Ski Team had a strong showing at the OUA championships this past weekend at the Lappe Nordic Ski Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario. This year's roster consisted of many XCOttawa athletes including: Lee Hawkings, Peter Beisel, Andre Marchand, Logan Potter, and Kyle Power on the Men's side; and Ingrid Hagberg, Kyla Vanderzwet, and Liza Rozina on the Women's side. The weekend was a little bittersweet, since for many of these skiers, it will be our last OUA Championships as Carleton undergrads (if we pass all of our courses!)

OUA skiers got to race twice on Saturday, during the individual skate starts (5k for women, 10k for men) and team sprint relays in the afternoon. On the women's side, Kendra Murray, Anna Crawford and Adele Lay (XCOttawa alumni) from Carleton were the top 3 Carleton skiers, finishing 3rd, 5th and 6th respectively.In the afternoon relay sprint, the three girls battled for the top spot against Lakehead's A Team, finishing second. Carleton's B team consisting of Kyla Vanderzwet, Ingrid Hagberg and Liza Rozina, finished third. The artistically applied face paint and stars shooting out of our hair, definitely helped both Carleton teams!

On the men's side, Carleton rookie, Benjamin Wilkinson-Zan, placed first in a very competitive race. Lee Hawkings, Kyle Power, Andre Marchand, and Logan Potter all finished in the top 15. The relays in the afternoon were very close races with Lakehead entering two very talented teams. Kyle Power, Peter Beisel, and Ben Wilkinson-Zan made up the Carleton team. From the start, Kyle made an incredible effort to stay with the Lakehead skiers, but they managed to pull away further and further during the first two legs. Lakehead's B team won in a split-second photo finish, and the Carleton team took the bronze.

Sunday's mass start classic races included many flying poles, and unfortunate falls. Once again, Adele, Anna, and Kendra attempted to take the top spot in the women's race. Adele took the lead during the first lap, but was passed by Lakehead's Andrea Lee, and Alannah Maclean, as well as Carleton's Kendra Murray, and Anna Crawford, finishing 5th. Kendra took the bronze and Anna Crawford got 4th. Ingrid Hagberg was in the mix as well, finishing a solid 10th, even after losing a pole at the start of the race. On the men's side, Peter Beisel was Carleton's top finisher, in 4th position. Ben Wilkinson-Zan placed 6th, followed closely by Lee in 7th. Logan Potter had a good race as well, finishing 9th, as well as Kyle Power, who was 13th.

At the end of the weekend, many Carleton skiers were named OUA all-stars, including: Kendra Murray, Adele Lay, Anna Crawford and Ingrid Hagberg on the women's side; and Ben Wilkinson-Zan, Lee Hawkings and Kyle Power on the men's side.

Congrats to the team for a great race weekend!

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