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Gatineau Park Christmas Special
By:     (2012/12/23)


Freezing rain and mixed precipitation earlier in the week, followed by some fresh snow set up a great sunny morning on Thursday. This is the team out training near Fortune Lookout.

Bright sun, great ski conditions, and snow on the trees like we have probably never seen before.

As you can see from this picture of André taking in the view at Champlain lookout, Gatineau Park's elevation came in handy this time.

Gilles Bérubé and André at Champlain.


On Friday, heavy wet snow came down all day and all night. This kind of snow is rare around Ottawa. For reasons I don`t understand, it seems like if it is near zero, we usually get freezing rain. This time, we got the kind of snow I imagine falls all the time in places like Whistler. The Gatineau Park maintenance team has its work cut out (or to cut out!) for the foreseeable future. Here is Matthias somewhere near Huron Lookout. Hard to believe it is the Parkway.

Karl and Matthias walk around one of many fallen trees near the Keogan junction.

The driveway at our place had been plowed before we left to go skiing. This is what it looked like 2 hours later. I am not complaining...after all, that`s why we pay somebody else to clear it.


By Saturday, the weather had stabilized a bit. It was windy and blustery and the light made for some more unique vistas. Reminds me of Scandinavia for some reason. Hope you all get to make the most of it over the holiday season!

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