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Carleton goes to Montmorency
By:  Logan Potter   (2013/01/02)


           Several weekends ago, before there was the last bit of bountiful winter wonderlandesque snow, Carleton University took a trip to Montmorency for some early season skiing…..well early compared to Ottawa. To start the trip off right we stopped off at the Trois Rivieres Grocery store for dinner. What’s the best thing you can get at the grocery store without cooking? Obviously a bbq chicken stuffed into 2 baguettes with mustard. Optimum preparation area? The hood of Michael’s Honda fit. From there my weekend just kept getting better.

            We skied close to 4 hours a day which isn’t too much when all you have to do is ski, sleep and eat. It is also enough when the loop your skiing on is only 2km. The 2 km loop at Montmorency is pretty amazing though, with more variety then you could imagine in 2 km. To help make the the loop go by a little slower we skied a classic with no poles for a majority of the weekend. This is a good way to get confident on skis quick and really feel your technique come back.

The last day we did some skating, which was a nice change from classic without poles. We did a fun team sprint that felt a lot better than running up Penguin hill. The skiing was awesome, the food was exactly what I was looking for, included the stop at Harvey’s for dinner on the way home on Sunday. It was great to get away from Ottawa and school for a weekend and just hang out with the team and do a lot of skiing. Another highlight was playing ping pong and a game of pool with the groomer. Since there is not too much else to say about a full weekend of skiing, I’ll fill the rest in with pictures taken by Liza.

Holly and the team starting out on the trail.

Getting stoked to get on the snow

Everyone cranking out some homework in front of the fireplace.

Epic game of pool with Noah and the groomer.

Where we packed a whole bunch of stoked skiers.

Most essential ingredient for a good training camp....BBQ chicken.

This was an awesome trip to get excited for the winter, but thankful the skiing in Ottawa is finally up to its excellent winter standard. 


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