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2012 Chelsea Nordiq Ski Swap - November 10th!
By:  Chelsea Nordiq   (2012/10/29)


Join Chelsea Nordiq and our Partners at the annual 2012 Ski Swap.

When: Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where: Chelsea Elementary School, 74 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea Québec

Sale Door: Opens at 10:am and closes at 3:pm 

It is a wonderful tradition for Cross Country Skiers in our Nation’s Capital Region. Admission is free. But, we encourage participants to shop until you drop.  

Have new or used equipment for sale? Bring it in! (Even if you can’t attend)

Equipment Drop Off: (two options, but we encourage Friday night)

Friday, November 9th – 7:pm to 9:pm

Saturday, November 10th – 8:am to 9:30am

*We have a friendly team who are knowledgeable and will even help you price your gear.

**Sometimes they may not be so friendly though and will refuse the un-sellable or non-ski related items.  

Easy Self-Registration 

1. Open the “Ski Exchange Form” Excel document

2. Type in the information and print out the sheet. Or, fill out the sheet with legible hand writing.


3. Choose or create a unique identifier to be placed in the ID# box on top right hand coner. Use the first three letters of your last name, followed by the first letter of your first name. For example, the unique identifier for Bob Smith would be SMIB……


  1. Fill in your name and phone number.


  1. Place the same ID# for each line item you are selling.


  1. Next, place tags on each item with. Make sur you match the line item on your form. Inscribe your ID # followed by the line item number, hence……SMIB1, SMIB2, and so on. Make sure that the tags are not too flimsy, and that they are well attached. 


  1. Suggestions for bundling up your items:
    1. Skis - use elastics or tape at tip and tail; tape on your tag
    2. Boots - use 2 - 3 ft. of cord through the bottom laces. This will allow buyers to try them on. Attach tag to cord.
    3. Poles - use elastics or tape to hold them together; tape on your tag
    4. Other items - be creative but be smart; ensure that tags do not get separated from their items


  1. Please ensure that you include a size/length and description for each line item. This helps to ensure any confusion. If tags come off, this could affect what is due to you.


  1. Present the sheet with your items to the “Ski Exchange Registration” during the check in hours noted above. 


  1. The ski exchange staff will:
    1. Check your completed forms
    2. Cross check your items
    3. Have you sign-in, accept the waiver, and pay a $5 fee


Please note that Chelsea Nordiq retains 10% of all sales.



Let it Snow!  Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

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