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Time Trial and a classic “Juice Head” Show Down!
By:  Andre Marchand   (2012/10/20)


The Time Trial – Kicked things off with some ski specific training

The format of this time trial was individual start classic technique over a loop starting from P5 to the penguin picnic grounds, back to the Mica intersection and finally back to P5. The women were given the choice to complete 1 or 2 laps, while the men were given only the latter option. Also joining the fun was the Carleton University Team, and we were happy to have them along for the suffering.

TT results:

5 KmSkate tech.

Kendra   19:28

Holly      19:59

Kirsten    22:26

5 Km classic

Kyla        19:39

Liza         21:43

Ingrid      23:28

Katie      23:47

10 Km Skate

Matt      35:41

Logan   36:21

Nic     36:47

Andrew 41:45

10 Km Classic

Peter      31:07

Lee        33:21

Matthias 33:51

Karl       34:18

Andre   34:52

Kyle     38:35

Sheila   39:23

Megan 41:07

Enough with the boring stuff, on to the BENCH PRESS SHOWDOWN!!!

Bench Press Competition – An internal affair with bragging rights on the line!

As discussed in a previous article by Kyle Power, this year our crafty coach John Suuronen issued a challenge to the team that there would be a bench press competition this fall, and those who could not lift as much as him for 3x reps would receive a shameful raspberry sticker (must be something from his teaching days?). This challenge, specifically issued to the boys, would hopefully be reason enough to hit the gym and increase our strength that is becoming more and more important for performing well on snow. Being the gentleman he is, he did not issue the challenge to the girls in the same way, but the promise that there would be a winner crown amongst the women was incentive enough for our competitive ladies!

Ok, so maybe bench press is not the best indication of ski fitness, but I think that the aim of this “competition” was really just to give us some motivation to keep those strength workouts as a pretty high priority practice (and John was working hard at it all summer so we wouldn’t want that power to go to waste!!!)

Now for the Results!

There were two categories to “win” in, the first was the person who lifted the most weight outright for the 3 reps, as well as the person who could lift the largest percent of there body weight.

Out of the men it was a tie between Lee Hawkings and Logan Potter for the most weight outright. Both managed 3 reps at 205 lbs, though in fairness Lee may have taken the cake after managing 2 reps at 215 lbs, while Logan only managed 1 rep at the same weight. Logan was the outright winner in the strength to weight ratio, weighing in at only 165 lbs he lifted about 125% of his body weight, pretty impressive!

It was the same winner in both categories for the ladies, with Sheila Kealey taking top honors with 3 reps of 120 lbs! This was 100% of her body weight, which was very impressive! She almost managed 125 lbs, but we did just do a TT a few hours earlier.

Honorable mention for really good technique (just from what I saw, open to debate) was Logan and Liza. It’s nice to see that the guy who wrote the article on form during weight lifting was the same guy to have the best technique. Seemed to pay off for him!



Max Weight (3x) in lbs

% of body weight

Matthias Purdon



Lee Hawkings



Peter Beisel



Kyle Power



Andre Marchand



John Suuronen


Don’t know, but it’s impressive!

Logan Potter


124% !!!




Liza Rozina



Sheila Kealey


100% !!!

Ingrid Hagberg



Katie McMahon



Megan McTavish *narrow grip*




Ingrid throwing down!


Liza looking strong!


Matthias focused!


Coach John showing us how it's done!!!


Me, just trying to get through this!


Sheila impressing the team as usual!


Kyle has the belt on! It's game time!


Lee sweating on the right as Logan sets the standard!


Lee concentrating, and in the end getting that one extra rep at 215 lbs!

Andre M.


Thanks for reading!

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