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Tundra “Training Camp” Update
By:  Lee Hawkings   (2012/07/19)

This summer I am fortunate enough to be working at the Darking Lake Tundra Ecosystem Research station in the Northwest Territories for a Geography Professor at Carleton. But that’s enough about work, I’m sure what your all interested in is how one goes about training when in the Barrenlands? Well I was unsure of this myself but I have learned quickly and adapted to my new surroundings.

As there is not a road, or even a well beaten trail, for many hundreds of kilometers (save the diamond mine 50 km East) roller skiing, road biking and mountain biking are out even if I was able to get any of that equipment up to camp which is only accessible by float plane. What does this mean for summer training? Running, ski walking , running, ski walking, some bodyweight strength, core and more running and ski walking!

The facilities on the shores of Daring Lake

My faithful training buddies anxious to get going

Hardly looks like the Arctic

Sometimes the fen likes to borrow my shoe, good thing I brought two pairs of my Brooks Cascadias

On windy days strength on the esker is pretty nice!

11:00 pm, sunset in the north, sunrise in the north, that sounds right

Enjoying runs on the tundra

Things are going well up here and I’m getting more and more excited to get back to Ottawa to have some training partners again and bug-free training! Hope you enjoyed the update!
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