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Weekend Gatineau Parkway Closures
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2012/07/12)

Parkway closures in Gatineau Park this weekend have been adjusted due to the Grand Prix cycling event hosted by Ottawa Bicycle Club on Saturday, July 14.  

Here is the revised schedule for this weekend only:

Sat. July 14 
restrictions:  The "Loop" will be used for the Grand Prix until noon — please stay off this section during that time.  (The "Loop" = P8 to P9; the entire Fortune Pkwy; Champlain Pkwy from the T intersection at Fortune Pkwy down to the intersection with Gatineau Pkwy at "Mica"; Gatineau Pkwy from there back to P8) 

not restricted:  Gatineau Pkwy below the race course — i.e., between Mica and Gamelin.  Please use this area for your roller skiing, cycling, inline skating, boarding activities.

So, yes, a different sort of Saturday but not a lesser one, from our point of view.  Thanks to the NCC for reserving us space to roll.

Sun. July 15
Sunday Bike Day as per usual.  The whole parkway system is closed to vehicular traffic from 7:00 until 11:00 a.m., and the North Loop (P8-P9) until 1:00.  Courtesy of Alcatel-Lucent.

A reminder to all athletes and coaches that rollerskiers share the parkways with other users. Keeping recreational Parkway use without incident, safe, and enjoyable for all users is critically important to its continued use by skiers for dryland training.  There should always be room between you and the yellow line for an overtaking cyclist or roller skier; the overtaking traffic should not have to veer into the oncoming lane to get by.

Please follow these safe rollerskiing guidelines.

Enjoy the weekend!

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