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Fitness as a family business
By:  Kyla Vanderzwet   (2012/07/11)


I may have mentioned before that my mom is the owner of two great gyms in Port Elgin and Southampton (in southern Ontario, on Lake Huron). Fitness Corner is the name of her business, and it is a great place to work and workout (not an advertising plug at all). When I was young I was resistant to the idea of exercise and did it sparingly when my mom dragged me outside. I was especially intimidated to go to the gym. The muscle men there were BIG after all! Well, when I was 8 years old they seemed BIG and scary. Eventually I learned that all the gym-goers there†are generally really friendly! Now I love to spend time at the gym. For many members†it is as much of a social club as it is a place to work out.

Holly (Fitness Corner owner and operator) and myself in the gym in Southampton. Holly works really hard to keep her customers happy - and healthy!

This summer I have enjoyed doing some personal training at Fitness Corner with Vanje Watson. Vanje is the manager at Fitness Corner. She also teaches fitness classes and does a lot of personal training with athletes and people working towards fitness goals. She graduated from the University of Laurier with a degree in kinesiology. Vanje was kind enough to design a great weight program that some of the XC Ottawa team has been using. Well, I guess itís kind to put us through the wringer of weight room tortureÖ

Drill Sergeant Vanje - donít mess with her!

If youíre ever in Port Elgin or Southampton, make sure you try out the Fitness Corner gyms. Until then, here are some exercise ideas you may care to play around with! †