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XC Ottawa Announces Pre-Selection
By:     (2012/04/20)


Date................ 2012/04/20 - 15:16:59

Applicant........... Puff the Magic Dragon

Email............... puff@dragonnet.com

Uniform Sizing......  Height: 6 metres, Weight: 4586 lbs

Contact info........  Tel:1-800-THE-PUFF
                     Mail: Honah-Lee

Alt. contact info...
Little Jackie

(note on ski-suit size) - I\'m not exactly proportional. I have a
serious T-Rex booty and little skinny arms (kinda like Ed McCarthy
actually). I also have a massive tail.

1. List your results from what you consider to be your best 3 races over the past 2 years of cross-country ski racing.

** Answer #1 **

Honah-Lee Open 2010: 1st (sand-skiing)
Honah-Lee Open 2011: 2nd (sand-skiing)
Honah-Lee Open 2012: 1st (sand-skiing)

2. Provide a rough description of your training history and background. Include experience and results in other sports. Include any information that you believe to be relevant to elite-level cross-country ski racing.

** Answer #2 **

Most of my experience involves flying around and breathing fire. I
have fantastic lung capacity and a ferocious roar.

3. List your most important short-term (1 year) and medium term (4years) goals.

** Answer #3 **

Despite my roar (see above), I mostly like to be happy. Except when
I'm sad, but I'm mostly happy. Frolicking in the autumn mist is also
a big thing for me. My goals are frolicking and being happy.

4. Please describe (in general terms) how you plan to achieve the goals you have listed above.

** Answer #4 **

It's not hard as long as people believe in you, and you believe in
yourself. That's the message I'd like to spread.

5. Please suggest some ways that you believe you might be able to contribute to the success of XC Ottawa.

** Answer #5 **

Mostly, it'll be motivational.  I intend to hide behind a tree during
Penguin intervals and then pop out and roar. I expect this will
encourage the rest of the team. If not, I will breathe fire at their
heels. Oh, and I might roast Megan and eat her for a snack. I think
that would be a significant contribution.

6. Assuming that you are accepted to XC Ottawa, please describe what you expect to be doing while you are not training and racing in the upcoming year. Please indicate if you expect to be a student, and if so, in what program and at what institution. If you expect to be working, please indicate what type of work you anticipate being involved in.

** Answer #6 **

Mostly in my cave, but sometimes frolicking.  I know this question is
trying to get at how well I recover. Let me promise you - I recover
well.  You don't have to worry about my recovery.

7. Please explain how you plan to manage your commitments (Question 6) with training, racing, and contributing to XC Ottawa.

** Answer #7 **

Let's put it this way: I will roast you if you don\'t name me to the
team. Manage THAT commitment!




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