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One piece suit day in the Park, and Team Sprint/Intervals
By:  Vesta Mather   (2012/03/11)


This Sunday marked our last weekend practice before Nationals, making it an important tune-up workout for the first race of Nationals next Saturday – the Team Sprint!! But perhaps just as importantly (or more importantly!) it was also XC Ottawa’s second monthly “one-piece-suit-day”! (OPSD). A central tenant of OPSD is that the first priority is to have a one piece suit. Failing that, all types of entertaining spandex are encouraged. Failing that, tye-dye Grateful Dead T-shirts are also accepted. Below, some pictures taken by the famous Karl Saidla (recently returned from the Vasaloppet) demonstrate some prime examples of OPSD.

On the training side, four “randomly” assigned mixed teams of three took on a short out and back relay, with each member completing two legs of the relay. While not exactly the same format as Nationals will be (teams of two, doing three laps per person), the longer distance covered per lap and the longer recovery gave us a chance to stretch out our legs and really fight for position.  The team of Shelia, Lee, and Andre won, although Shelia may have stacked her team…. As a non-FIS sanctioned race, sneaky tactics were the spirit of the day, although instigators were easily picked out by their distinctive gear! Shelia also benefited from an unofficial “pace bunny”, and Ingrid and Katie continued their good natured feud, with Katie using the power of her sparkly headband to block Ingrid coming into the homestretch, and Ingrid trying to squeeze by with her beastly double pole. The boys also reported some “boxing out” with Peter having trouble finding a way around Lee and Kyle – with his spandex, he was definitely “feeling fresh”.


Matthias and Kyle look intimidated by Andre, while John seems suitably impressed by everyone.


Katie has definitely been at the forefront of OPSD, but here Lee’s tights give her a run for her money. Thanks to Lindsey on the right for stepping in and topping up the teams!


Peter, looking like his catch phrase! And like he’s been shopping in the same place as Lee.


Myself, Ingrid and Kyla - or a cow, a forerunner from the 1988 Calgary Games, and SuperWoman.


The boys prepare to start the relays off in style.


Karl - excited to see what suits this guy has hidden away at his parents from his impressive racing career.


Shelia, leading on her first lap!


A good looking group of ladies!


Ingrid brings it home!


Superhuman Kyla!

Overheard comments from other skiers on the parkway; “Did the 1972 Olympics just ski by?”


Eldar Rønning and Johan Kjølstad wearing some excellent one piece suits in the 2012 Vasaloppet. Image from langrenn.com. http://www.langrenn.com/kjoelstad-vil-satse-mer-paa-vasaloppet.5028571-244182.html

Overall, a fun workout spiced up by some excellent suits. We highly recommend you look in the back of your closet and see what you can find! As XC Ottawa travels to Mt. St. Anne this week, we look forwards to getting back into our much comfier (and more flattering!) Podiumwear suits and ripping up the trails!

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