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E-load Gatineau Loppet Classic Marathon Report and CBC Interview!
By:  Anna Geiger-Whitlock   (2012/02/24)


I was the lone XC Ottawa racer racing the classic leg this year. Why classic you may ask? The answer is pretty simple I like classic better and I have done the classic 4 times and am not a fan of change!

My morning started off with short interview on CBC on the program In Town and Out with Michael Bhardwaj. Apart from my aa’s, umm’s and nervous laughter I thought it went alright!

Here is the link: Anna's Gatineau Loppet Interview on CBC's In Town and Out

The race went well but despite all efforts not to “bonk” I had one of my more spectacular bonks. With 10km to go I was totally finished but it made making the finish line so much sweeter! All in all it was a gorgeous day for a ski.

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