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Stone Grinding Services for the Gatineau Loppet by Gatineau Nordique Sport.
By:  Matthias Purdon   (2012/02/15)


Stone Grinding for the Loppet

A stone grind for the specific conditions in the Gatineau Park this weekend will give your skis the best possible glide race day. At the request of athletes, I have modified my grinding schedule for the Loppet.

I will pick up skis (classic and skate) from Greg Christie’s and Fresh Air Experience after 6 pm on  Wed. Feb. 15.  These skis and also skis that people have sent to me will be ground, waxed (heatbox treatment) ,hardening with CH 4 and returned to the stores by 6 pm Thursday, Feb. 16. 

Skis (skate and classic) that I pick up from the stores on Thur. Feb. 16 and skis that I have received from athletes, will be ground, waxed and returned to the stores by  6 pm Friday, Feb. 17.

I will put the XT-2 grind on classic skis and the CJO grind on the skate skis.

I will be in the gymnasium on Sunday morning from 7am to 9 am to put hand structure on the skate skis if necessary. Last year, 40 minutes before the skate race, I put hand structure on Aidan Lennie’s skis, which he used to win the 50km skate race.

Stone Grinding with Race Day Waxing

I will be Race Waxing a limited number of skis for the Skate race on Sunday. The cost will be $160. You can pay be cash, cheque or by email money transfer. This cost will include stone grinding, heatbox, CH4, low fluor wax, high fluor wax and high fluor powder if necessary.For grinds, you can choose between the CJO grind and a specific race day grind. If you choose the CJO grind and it needs hand structure, I will be at the gymnasium by 7:00 am on Sunday, to apply the hand structure.

If you would like me to grind and wax your skis for the Loppet, if you send me an email, we can make arrangements for me to get your skis. I will need the skis by Friday at the latest.

Furthermore, anyone who wants their skis waxed by XC Ottawa member Matthias Purdon (see article) and also get bases stone ground can do both if they get skis to Matthias before Wednesday at 6pm (all transport included).

On Friday, Feb. 17, I will be in the gymnasium at Mont Blue High School from 6 to 9 pm. Ask at Greg Christie’s booth or at Fresh Experience booth and they will be able to direct you to me.

I will have all the skis, ready to go, in the gym by 7:00 am on Sunday morning.

Stone Grinding after the Races

After the races, you can drop off your skis at the Fresh Air booth or Greg Christie’s booth, If you prefer, you can drop off your skis at one of the stores. I will pick up these skis on the Monday, Feb. 20 and return these skis to the stores on Wed, Feb.22. For those people out of town, I will ship your skis to you in time so that you can have them for the weekend of Feb. 25 and 26, if needed.

Enjoy the Races!
Wayne Johannsen

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