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Jim Howe Memorial 2011 Race Report
By:  Kyle Power   (2011/10/19)

The Annual Jim Howe Memorial cross country running race held at the Hornet's Nest in Ottawa this past weekend turned out to be another great event. In Karl's article last week, he pointed out several reasons why this race is such a unique and good running event. The things that forced me to sign up were, knowing that the course is quite entertaining and not overly challenging, it's 11km so there no need to fuss over your "10k" personal best time, and well, it's also cross country and who doesn't love to put a little mud on tires. Of course it was hard and hurt for everyone at some point or another, but we're sort of in to that kind of thing - it's called racing! So for the most part, Karl was right and it was a fun day at the races. He didn't really mention that he was going to show up and run super sonic fast. But did he really have to? No.

Despite getting ready to cap off another big Fall training week, with hard intervals earlier in the week and a rollerski TT already in stone that weekend, XC Ottawa skiers showed up to the race with a small army and in all smiles! Some of us fit in pretty well with the runners, others thought it was best to make it well known they were skiers and in terms of style one other had a little something of his own going on...

The XC Ottawa women ran the 5.5k event. They raced hard and had several strong finishes in the Overall Women's Category, with 3 in the top 5 and then lots of Age Category medals amongst them.

The XC Ottawa men pushed through 2 laps of the 5.5k race course, completing the 11k event. Karl was the overall winner with a ridiculously fast time. However, some of his teammates were not far behind and XC Ottawa had the overall podium sweep! Others had good teammate battles going on and still place well overall.

The full results can be found here:

5.5km Race - http://www.runottawaclub.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/JHXC-5.5K-Results-2011.pdf

11km Race - http://www.runottawaclub.ca/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/JHXC-11K-Results-2011-RTime.pdf

Official photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ianhun/sets/72157627915649162/ by Ian Hunter.

Megan got chance to take a few snaps after her race of the guys on their second lap. Enjoy.

Thanks to the girls for cheering us on during our 2nd lap. Racing makes them happy!

Karl Saidla just givin'er. The winner of the 11km!

Petey Beisel had a great race, running super fast and doing it in a style of his own. It wasn't exactly the warmest day but Petey feels strongly about only running races in your shortest shorts and dirtiest wife beater. For that we love him!

Matthias Purdon definitely got some running skills and also had a solid race, just trailing Pete for 3rd place overall.

The day before the race I heard Lee say he just can't wait to make it hurt again. It looks like he got everything he wanted and more! But he's tough and push through the pain having a good race.

Here I am. I wore tights for two reasons. 1.) To make it known I am a skier, not a runner. 2.) To cover up my dorky compression socks (my legs were feeling the big week so I had to try something). I actually ended up having a okay race.

Matthias here again, nailing some finishing strides to end off a good race.

Logan feeling the post race burn! And he sums up the day quite well. Good hard satisfying work of racing completed that makes us happy.

Before you know it we will be posting ski race reports. Until then, happy training and snowy thoughts!

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