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My take on Compartment Syndrome
By:  Logan Potter   (2011/08/18)


I feel like it is time for me to talk about my experience with compartment syndrome. I started to get compartment syndrome my first year of Junior Boy category. Compartment syndrome is when the compartments in your shin swell up, restricting the blood from circulating to your feet. I am not a doctor so I donít know the exact mechanics behind it, but I used to experience the sensation frequently while skate skiing. My legs would feel numb while losing all strength in them. For some reason, maybe because of extra stress or because of the added intensity, I would get this sensation during races mostly. It is the most frustrating pain I have ever endured because although it doesnít hurt that bad it leaves you feeling helpless.

I went down to Calgary to get tested after my first season in which I had to drop out of races due to compartment syndrome. To test for compartment syndrome they get you to bring your foot up and down towards your shin building up the pressure, once you have lost strength they stick a needle into one of the compartments in your shin and measure the pressure. The doctors told me I had a great deal of pressure in my shins and a pretty bad case of compartment syndrome. My options were to either have surgery to make incisions in my shins to remove the pressure or to stop skate skiing. I decided that my legs were obviously not working properly and I would look for other solutions to my problem.

A very slow process and many years later I feel nearly 100% in terms of the condition and have mostly conquered compartment syndrome. To start with I knew there were some problems with the biomechanics in my legs and I felt that when I was planted my feet running they were landing funny. To help this I started running barefoot and with minimalist shoes. My running stride has never felt better and my legs feel like they are starting to work properly again.


This is an article from a blog I follow that better explains the benefits of running barefoot.

The second thing is I had horrible flexibility in not only my legs but my entire body. To fix this I started stretching more along with doing yoga, which not only helps flexibility but also increases blood flow in your body. When I started doing yoga I also noticed other places in my body that had less than average mobility. I have been practicing yoga pretty regularly for the last couple years and my body can now move in ways it never could before.

Sorry there are no pictures, but hopefully this might help a little if you are struggling with compartment syndrome or some other types of injuries.

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