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Hiking with those Forest Runners
By:  Logan Potter   (2011/06/28)


Training this summer in Whitehorse has been pretty consistent with previous summers. We get back from school in early May and try to get out skiing on the summit as much as possible while we wait for the trails to dry up enough to do the normal activities such as running, biking and hiking. This year the snow stayed for a long while in the mountains, however the crust wasn’t particularly good so we got a couple good days and some not as good ones…. but we still had a ton of fun.

Now that the snow has dried up we’ve been doing a fair bit of hiking around the mountains surrounding Whitehorse. In my opinion there aren’t many activities that beat hiking. You get to spend the majority of the day outside, you get amazing views and different perspectives of terrain, it’s a good work out, and it’s a pretty good adrenaline rush letting your legs carry you down a steep slope bouncing through buck brush.

Lucky for us we have also had many members of the junior national orienteering team up here for training. They’re a lot of fun and always keen to go on expeditions, so we have rarely been doing activities in small numbers lately. Except for last week when most of them left for World Junior Orienteering Championships in Poland, and left the few of us still here feeling lonely. For anyone who doesn’t know what orienteering is, these guys enjoy running through nature with a map and a compass trying not to get lost. After meeting a bunch of them I also came to the conclusion that they know endless games to play with nothing but rocks and sticks to keep themselves amused, which rock. Best of luck to them and Thank you to Graham, Lee’s cousin, for lots of the pictures, and Thanks to Lee for the rest.

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