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2011 NCD Championship Points Posted
By:  NCD   (2011/03/21)


NCD points are now being calculated and posted on the NCD Awards page - http://www.ncdski.org/ncd-championship/ncd-awards. Thus far only Midget and Juvenile points are up, but all will appear shortly. Questions should be directed to: chair@ncdski.org.

About the NCD Cross Country Skiing Championships

Points Calculations and Rules Summary
  1. There is a separate report for each age and gender category that provides the detailed points breakdown by athlete.
  2. Points are awarded on the basis of 15 for 1st place, 14 for 2nd, 13 for 3rd, and so on. Finishers from 15th place and on get 1 point each.
  3. The first three finishers in each age category from Mighty-mite (8-9 yrs) through Masters (30 yrs and over) are eligible for awards.
  4. The top 'n' race results count towards individual rankings, where 'n' is defined by how many races qualify depending on snow availability. This will be determined by the NCD Executive near the end of the season.
  5. All points accumulated by each racer contribute to club points totals.
  6. Only registered NCD and Outaouais clubs and skiers will accrue NCD points.
  7. Skiers who enter more than one age category cannot combine points across categories.
  8. Skiers who ski out of their category in a particular race will not receive points for that race.
  9. A tie for any position in a particular race results in equal points being awarded.
  10. In case of a tie for an NCD award, athletes with equal points are awarded same placing.
  11. In case of a tie at the award level (1, 2, or 3), the award at the next level is dropped (i.e., two 1st place, no 2nd place) and two names go on trophy for that placing.
  12. The NCD Club Trophy will be awarded to the club with the highest aggregate points total after the final race of the season.

Age Categories

Men Women
Mighty Mite Boys: Ages 8 - 9 Mighty Mite Girls: Ages 8 - 9
Mini Midget Boys: Ages 10 - 11 Mini Midget Girls: Ages 10 - 11
Midget Boys: Ages 12 - 13 Midget Girls: Ages 12 - 13
Juvenile Boys: Ages 14 - 15 Juvenile Girls: Ages 14 - 15
Junior Boys: Ages 16 - 17 Junior Girls: Ages 16 - 17
Junior Men: Ages 18 - 19 Junior Women: Ages 18 - 19
Senior Men: Ages 20 - 29 Senior Women: Ages 20 - 29
Masters Men: Ages 30 - 99 Masters Women: Ages 30 - 99
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