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Sign the petition to bring back old Gatineau Park Trail Names
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2010/11/22)


Charles Hodgson of GuideGatineau.ca has started a campaign to re-instate the historic trail names of the Gatineau Park Ski trails. Charles hopes to encourage the NCC to bring back the names during this the 100 year anniversary of the Ottawa Ski Club. Read more about his effort here.

You might also be interested to read the March 3, 1979 Ottawa Journal article about the trails being numbered.

Sign the petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/GPtrails/petition.html .

Do you have a story that involves the old trail names? Let Charles know or post it here in the comments.

To kick things off, here’s a link to a past GuideGatineau posting about trail #17, once known as Frank’s Trail.  (Only 56 more to go! ;).

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