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Quotes from Austria
By:  Colin Abbott   (2010/10/08)

I recently returned from a training camp in Ramsau Austria with the Yukon Ski Team, the Quebec Ski Team and CNEPH. Instead of lengthy descriptions and pages of pictures, I decided that a list of quotes from the trip would suffice to give you an idea of what the two weeks were like for me.

“I have never seen anyone eat like the Canadians”-Roland, manager of the Kobaldhof

“I just drank a Redbull and my heartrate dropped by 20 beats a minute.”-Knute, skiing on the glacier

“Andrew would get kicked out of any 5-star restaurant he tried to eat at”-Alain, on Andrew’s eating habits

“Let’s steal a cowbell from a cow!”-Janelle

“Hey guys! I found a pair of Atomic skate boots!”-Knute, after keeping a pair of $400 boots he found in a donations bin.

“Zere iss no sport allowed on ziss road!”-polizei after Colin got pulled over doing intervals

“I’d rather go roller skiing on the track than ski on the glacier”-Knute, on the awesomeness of the roller ski track

“Seriously, quit tying knots in my stuff”-Colin

“I didn’t know it was supposed to be zone 1!”-Raphael after a 25-minute double poling workout in zone 3

“See, look there. That’s some good one-skate technique” –General consensus of Raph’s technique for double poling sprints

“There’s a bunch of old naked men in there!”-Michelle on Austrian changerooms and saunas

"Colin has hippie skills"-Patrick

"f*** slacklines"-Jeff

“Hey Col. Hey Col. Hey Col. Hey Col. Hey Col” “what?” “nothin! Bahahahahaha!”-Knute, Raph and Jeff for two weeks.

Below is a pretty awesome video put together by Raphael Couturier with footage from the trip.
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