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Cold Solutions
By:  Lee Hawkings   (2010/10/08)

†Just recently I have been getting over a cold that I picked up at school. It seems impossible to not get sick when youíre sitting in a room filled with 200 other coughing university students. I had a couple miserable days of a head cold and a slightly sore throat.

One practice, nearly half the team was absent due to illness and that prompted Sheila to send out an email explaining some of her secrets about staying healthy when she feels a cold coming on. She suggested gargling with salt water and using a nasal rinse device. I have heard of both techniques and even tried gargling with salt water but I never really got into the habit of it. I had heard other people praising nasal rinse and Neti Pots but I was naturally a little skeptical.

†This time however I thought, why not give it a try, so I headed down to Shoppers and picked up a little starter kit. Here is how it works:

Squeeze Bottle

†Step 1

Pour salt packet into bottle, these packets came with the starter kit but Iím sure a half teaspoon of table salt would work fine.

†Step 2


Fill bottle with warm tap water up to the ďWater Fill LineĒ

†Step 3


Here comes the gross part. Cap the bottle and hold the end up to one nostril. Squeeze gently and maintain normal breathing while the water goes in one nostril and out the other bringing everything with it!

If you donít maintain normal breathing you will get a mouthful of salty water which no one likes.

†Step 4

Blow your nose well

†Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with other nostril


†Maybe you find this disgusting, maybe you donít but regardless I would recommend giving it a try because it might change your life!

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