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Nakkertok Time Trial #2, 2005/01/09
By:  Team XCOttawa.ca   (2005/01/09)


Another successful time trial at Nakkertok! This time the skating technique drew a large high school crowd, eager to test themselves on the course they will race on later this winter. In total 94 skiers raced! Incredible.

What's more incredible is the volunteers who stand in the cold on a Sunday morning to make this happen: Laura Eagles the newest recruit, Liz Stewart, Sue Holloway, Jim McCarthy, Claudia Van Wijk, Jean McCarthy, Jim Mountain, Gloria Anderson, Sylvie Cloutier, Greg Joy, Dave Mallory, Brad Jones and many others. Thanks to all of you, without your hard work this wouldn't happen!

Special thanks once again to Dirk Van Wijk course designer, groomer and race co-ordinator.



1km Girls

1Emilie Stewart Jones3:45
2Katerina Stewart Jones4:02
3Kiersten Aller4:24
4Alexander Poyser5:32

1km Boys

1Zachary Turgeon4:29
2Oliver Lapointe5:19

3km Girls

1Mirielle Dumont9:01
2Camille Dumont9:17
3Noemi Berube9:19
4Kirsten Petersen9:33
5Stefani van Wijk9:35
6Hannah Kirby9:53
7Leslie Foley9:56
8Norah Paton10:20
9Zoe Corkery10:26
10Alexandra Joy10:51
11Emma Childs11:04
12Heather Reid11:25
13Kaleigh Bales12:16
14Charlotte Van Walraven12:30
15Sarah Roach15:18
16Anne Marie Beliveau15:31

3km Boys

1Simon Lapointe8:35
2Kevin Stec8:40
3Dominique Groulx-Moncion8:55
4Alexis Turgeon8:56
5Rene Laprade9:07
6Robin Stec9:46
7Gus Ramonat9:51
8Rhys Peterson10:44
9Patrick Van Walraven10:45
10Patrick Normand-Needham11:41
11Hayward Peirce12:01
12Adam Austen12:31

5km Juvenile + Junior Girls

1Katrina van Wijk18:19
2Vashti King18:44
3Beatrice Dionne19:00
4Liisa Mountain19:46
5Celeste Cockery20:57
6Sara Potvin-Bernel21:34
7Cory Young25:16
8Kim Samulack29:08
9Emma Newlands29:11
10Kristen Freeman30:23
11Jessica Gale30:26

5km Juvenile + Junior Boys

1Kieran Jones15:04
2Aaron Barter15:05
3Justin Demers15:17
4Jonathan McNaught17:17
5Brian Friesen18:12
6Robbie Anderson18:14
7Olivier Villemaires-Cote 18:24
8Aiden Lennie18:35
9Nathan Kirby20:04
10Dave Rose20:15
11John Palmer20:51
12Tom McNeil20:55
13Julian Potvin Bernal21:28
14Rob Samulack21:30
15Alex Gagnon21:36
16Alan Neal22:07
17James Hayes22:59
18Ben MacDougall23:36
19Peter Farrell23:41
20Robert Bell24:37
21Devin Lefebvre25:07
22Ben Reid25:31
23Mark Patterson25:43
24Andrew Hodson26:13
25Nick Martel26:37
26Adam Daigle27:23
27Anthony Bagnulo26:53
28Alan Gant30:48
29Justin Francis37:00

5km Open Women

1Sheila Kealey15:39
2Patrice Konantz20:41
3Elena Bales21:40

5km Open Men

1Karl Saidla12:38
2David Zylberberg12:49
3Craig Storey12:58
4Ed McCarthy13:08
5Dirk van Wijk14:52
6Luc Campbell14:55
7Gilles Berube15:00
8Luc Groulx16:14
9Bryan Aller17:05
10Peter Tregunno17:10
11Mark Frankish17:54
12Robert d'Arras17:58
12Doug Corkery17:58
14Jason Stebbings19:38
15Peter Dornan19:44
16Marc Adams21:42
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