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Life at the cottage Ahhhh.......
By:  Anna Geiger-Whitlock   (2010/08/14)


Life at the cottage Ahhhh.......

For a few weeks I have been looking forward to heading to the cottage. My parents own a cottage on Georgian Bay and living is Ottawa I have not been able to go as often as I normally have over the last few years. My parents, my cousin Robert (visiting from the UK) and I headed to the cottage.

I try to plan weeks at the cottage around rest weeks as I tend to enjoy lounging, reading, swimming and eating. There are, however, a couple of workouts that I really love.†


Cooking a fabulous meal (if I do say so myself)

One of my favorite workouts is running in Cyprus Lake National Park as fast as I can on the rocky terrain. This is not only exhilarating as any step could send you sprawling on your face but it is also good for working on speed and quick responses to the terrain. There are also numerous hikes you can do on the Bruce Trail. The infamous rock hike is another one of my favorites where instead of going on the trail you pack lightly and hike a long the shore swimming in sections then the rock shelves get in the way.†


Robert and me†

I always go for runs or bikes at the cottage.† I love running beside the bay looking at the water and the cottages. It makes me feel very California fitness. This year I wanted to run to the light house and back. The light house is about 11km from our cottage and is a gorgeous run along the bay. Last year when biking to the light house I rounded a corner and I was face to face with a black bear. So, in addition to running, loud boisterous singing is required through certain areas to ward off the bears!†


The Lighthouse (drove down with the family, no i did not run in long sleeves and sandals!)

Of course a cottage isnít complete without swimming. I love open water swimming to the dock and back. I found; however, this year having not kept up with my swimming fitness as well as I have in previous years, it showed! However, I did enjoy both fitness swimming, many dips in the lake†to cool off as well as snorkeling. Kayaking is also a sport that can be enjoyed at the cottage; however, after the ultra fun rapids at OWL kayaking on flat water can only be described as a bit boring!†


After a few days at the cottage Robert and I headed back to Ottawa so he could see the capital city. A longer commute the he was used to was made much better by spotting moose on the way home!

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