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Fast and Female/ FitSpirit Snow Challenge!
By:  Alana Thomas   (2010/02/27)

Over reading week I had the awesome opportunity to take part in leading a super fun ski day for 70 high school girls, many of whom had never tried out beautiful sport. The day was hosted in tandem by Chandra Crawford's organization Fast and Female and FitSpirit with loads of enthusiastic ambassadors from both. Both organizations share the common goal of promoting empowerment through sport among young women so the day was guaranteed to be a good time!

The day began by introducing the leaders and rounding up all the girls and grouping into teams, each instructed to develop a cheer. After a few creative cheers and good laughs the gang was pumped up and ready to give skiing a try. We all headed out to tackle Hardwood's learn to ski adventure park with stations set up to teach each of the basic skills needed for a day ski adventure.

Below, getting a feel for the skis on the first downhill of the day!

Next, on to double poling. Each group was encouraged to show off their 'Guns' and get them ready before learning the secrets of the ever popular double pole.
Double poling action!! Photocredit to Joel Cote-Cright, excellent photographer with FitSpirit and friend of Carleton ski legend Chris Mamen.

After conquering the rest of the adventure park stations (diagonal stride, herringbone, dh turns) the group hit the trails for a real ski adventure and then lunch. Post lunch the group split between more skiing and/ frisbee and soccer on skis!

The F&F ambassadors (below) are a group of Hardwood girls, some racers, some instructors, all super cool and loving the ski day.

By the end of the day everyone had met someone new, tried a new activity and had large amounts of fun. Not bad for a 5 hour event!

Both Fast and Female and FitSpirit are organizations dedicated to inspiring empowerment through sport in young women through promoting healthy, active lifestyles, find out more and how you can get involved at www.fastandfemale.com and www.fitspirit.ca.

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