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Results of Which Grip Wax Are You?
By:  Stephanie Rees   (2002/11/15)


You've agonized over the questions now for the results. You chose..

More than one A? Congratulations! You’re Rex Green

When things get tough, you’re leading the charge. When everyone else stays home, you’re out there getting it done.

More than one B? Congratulations! You’re Swix Extra Blue/VR40

Smart, solid and dependable – you’re everyone’s favourite. When you’re around, good times are guaranteed.

More than one C? Congratulations! You’re Vauhti Carrot

Your abilities are not truly reflected by your resume. In reality, your range is endless! Everyone’s go-to-guy/gal.

More than one D? Congratulations! You’re Swix Special Red/VR70

A mystery to many, but indispensable to and beloved by the lucky few who really know you. You bring clarity to the most confusing of conditions.

More than one E? Congratulations! You’re Base Binder!

You’re everyone’s anchor, the glue that holds your family, friends and community together. A security blanket in times of worry and stress.

More than one F? - Congratulations! You’re every kind of Klister!

You really stick to things - a persistence that is appreciated in extreme and challenging situations. And in those situations, no one is better than you.

More than one G? – Congratulations! You’re Pine Tar

Traditionalist and old school to the core, you appreciate history and what it can bring to the present. You bring comfort in the face of change.

More than one H? - Congratulations! You’re Grip Tape!

Innovative and on the cutting edge, you’re an early adopter who succeeds where no one has before. Taking risks and tinkering with new ideas come easily to you.

More than one I? - Congratulations! You’re a Wax Combo!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that – you’re complicated, but ready for anything and adapt well to change.

More than one J? - Congratulations! You’re a pair of waxless skis!

Not sure what to say about that…..


Hope you enjoyed it!

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