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Snow WebCams: Let the Snow Watch Begin!
By:  Arno Turk   (2004/10/29)


Like a child looking out the window on Christmas eve, hoping to catch a glimpse of St Nicholas, I spend free time (if available!) looking through the world wide web for the oncoming winter. For this installment, I am going to share with you my findings on the web for snow cams.

I will firstly start by pointing out our team's web cam. It is located in lovely Chelsea, Quebec, looking out towards the entrance to Gatineau Park at the corner of Old Chelsea road and Scott road. It is a valuable tool for skiers leaving their households in the morning, and wondering if there is fresh snow falling in the Park, when there is only a cold drizzle of rain in the city. It can be seen at the left of our teams homepage: www.xcottawa.ca

I generally want to find out what snow is like across our large province at this time of year. If the conditions warrant it, our group is willing to take a long weekend inorder to get some early snow skiing. The following link is an Ontario government link to a variety of private and traffic webcams across the province:


Some of Southern Ontario's alpine ski areas have webcams. Keep in mind, these folks can make artificial snow quite early if it's cold enough. Nevertheless, you can still get a good idea if there's snow in the air. Probably the best site I've seen that will let you know what is going on in Toronto's cottage country:


Some of Quebec's Larger alpine resorts also have cams:


But, I would have to say that western Canada has got the ski webcam density race won. This is just an example of what's out there. The pictures at the top of Whistler-Blackcomb and Silver Star are hard for us out in Eastern Canada to believe (for those of you in the East, I don't recommend viewing these after doing your umpteenth night rollerski workout in the cold rain!)


Another fun sidebar to my snow watch is the European webcams. Our cellphone-toting, kick sled pushing friends in Norway have got a fantastic site with a plethora of webcams across their country, many of them from ski centres. Be sure to look at their webcams in northern places like, Narvik, Tromso, Harstad, and the remote arctic island of Svalbard, located at the 78th parallel.


After my constructive feedback this past summer, the folks at the tourist office in Otepaa, Estonia have repositioned their webcam, giving us in cyberworld an idea of the weather at one the many World Cup venues.

www.weather.ee (click on Otepää)

In Finland, there will always be snow there, no matter what the season:


Other European sites:

www.parksnow.sk (link to Webcam in Strbske Pleso, Slovakia)

This of course, is just an over view, I'm sure I've missed some of your favourites. Now, get back to the real work - training.

Other Ottawa WebCams..
Parliament Hill Cam - www.parliamenthill.gc.ca/text/hillcam_e.html
CBC Ottawa - ottawa.cbc.ca/webcam/noapplet.html
City of Ottawa Traffic Cams - webcam.city.ottawa.on.ca/trafficvideo/map_en.htm
CJOH Traffic Cam - www.cjoh.com/traffic_cam.asp
Britannia Yacht Club Cam - www.byc.ca/webcam.htm
Noteable Snow Watching WebCams..
Lake Placid ORDA Cams - orda.org/ordacams.php
WhiteHorse - www.whtvcable.com/webcam/streetcam.htm
The CarcrossCam (Yukon Terrritory, at 60° 10' N, 134° 42'W) - www.yukonalaska.com/webcam/webcam/
Montreal WebCams - www.montrealcam.com/en-tour-bourse.html
Mount Washington - www.mountwashington.ca/winter05/news/snowcam.cfm
Simon Fraser - www.sfu.ca/ots/
Collingwood - www.town.collingwood.on.ca/living_include.cfm?action=webcam
Cancun - www.allaboutcancun.com
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