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Roller skiing Etiquette in the Gatineau Park
By:  Marty Hall   (2009/09/24)


Now that we are down to the Mica-P9 section of park roads for roller skiing each Saturday and Sunday mornings for the next couple of months and with the numbers of roller skiers being so high I would like to propose some rules or considerations for all of us to make it a safer place to ski. Since there are so many other users also, and different speeds that we are dealing with, it just seems good to bring these thoughts forward.

  1. When stopping for a break, drink, consultation, video feedback or just as a group we should all move on to the grass so as to keep the roads clear for all others to continue their movement patterns in an un-impeded way.

  2. When passing or overtaking other skiers give them warning that you are on the right or left and coming by. I would encourage that it would not be good etiquette for two skiers to pass one skier---one on each side at the same time.

  3. Slower skiers should always ski on the right side of their lane. Big groups, as there are some pretty big clubs operating on the parkways, should stay on their side of the yellow line at all times. I would suggest that it would be dangerous to be crossing both lanes in any kind of drill, and if you are doing this to have control people on each side of the crossing area.

  4. When you are changing direction---be sure to look for the traffic situation in both directions---and then signal just as if you are on a bike.

I'm sure there are other ideas and thoughts that should be included here and I would encourage you to write to: Craig Storey (info@xcottawa.ca) he is Mr XC Ottawa and I'm sure he will post them for all of us. As I said earlier, there are a lot of us traveling at different speeds using the parkways, and the safer we can help to make it, the better. I'm sure if we start to have a number of serious accidents and injuries that it won't take much to have the NCC close down this ideal situation we have. Take care of the future by taking a little extra time to make the best and right move.

See you on the parkways---I'll be the guy to the right!!!
Marty Hall

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