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6 Great Reasons (at Least!) to Participate in Peri’s FUNdraiser Run
By:  Colleen Mortimer   (2009/09/10)


My name is Colleen and I used to be a ski racer. Here is an excerpt of an email written to the OAC Racing Team to encourage participation in Peri’s FUNdraiser run. I’ve edited some parts that were directed mostly at the running group but have kept most of it (even the ‘running only’ parts).

Hello All,

There is an upcoming race in Almonte in support of one of my long-time friends, Perianne Jones, who will be competing in Whistler 2010 for cross country skiing. Peri grew up in Almonte and was a very good runner throughout high school so a FUN running race is a very fitting tribute.

For those ‘super serious’ runners, I realize the timing isn't  "great" as it's the week after the Army run. However as a skier in a former life it would mean a great deal of the various sporting communities could show their support for an exemplary athlete from the Ottawa Valley.

There is a 5km and a 10km as well as a children’s event.

Link to the event's website can be found here: http://www.runalmonte.ca/ so if anyone has time and/or energy please, go for it.

If you still need convincing here are some reasons to give it a try:

1) For once, it's not along the canal!

2) Humane start time: 10:00AM!!!

3) For all those living in the west end -it's not far! (and for those in the city...I live in Orleans and can tell you Almonte really isn't a long drive).

4) The race will certainly have some decent runners and given her family's involvement in running I have a feeling the course will be properly measured.

5) A chance to wear your sexy running outfit

6) FUN! (And probably some decent competition)

Here's a bit of Peri's story and a bit of my personal connection with her

As I mentioned, the run is in support of one of my long-time friends
Perianne Jones. Back in another life when I used to ski she joined Nakkertok from a smaller club in the valley when she was in grade 9 and I was in grade 11. At the time Peri was also one of the region's top distance runners winning OFSAA xc that fall. Her father (also a Nakkertok ski coach), a marathoner and ultra-marathoner encouraged her to run but ultimately she chose skiing.

We both spent time on the Ontario team and National Junior Team together and she was and still is a very humble person. In the end I decided to go back to school and she kept with skiing (both of us had to make the move to Canmore...me being older a year or two earlier). In keeping with skiing she's become one of Canada's top sprinters and has already qualified for Whistler.

Although based in Canmore whenever Peri's at home she always finds time to visit Nakkertok both in formal and informal sessions. I know she doesn't just visit the club because she 'has to'' I know she really enjoys playing with the younger kids -sometimes our planned ski ends up turning into playing on the jumps with the jackrabbits! She also still visits her old high school and has always kept in touch with her community of Almonte. (see website for high school coaches accounts).

First and foremost, Peri has demonstrated that great skiers CAN and DO come from Ottawa. Peri and has given something tangible for the region’s Racers to look up to.  She is someone who up and coming skiers can seek advice and guidance from in navigating the crazy world of the ‘national system’.

Back when we were both still skiing 'good' skiers didn't come from Ottawa (or at least that was the attitude I got from other clubs when I showed up at races and got "who's this kid"). Only a couple of guys –Karl Saidla and Chris Jeffries had done it but they were guys and much older.

The National Capital Region is one of the best places to raise a skier. It is the vibrant ski community that makes it such a great place to be. As a community this is our time to shine. This is our time to show that we not only support skiers and athletes as children but that we support them all the way from ‘pulk to podium’. 

So again, if anyone out there is looking to try a new event, has energy to spare, or just feels they really want to have an excuse to wear their sexy racing outfit then please consider entering this FUN race.

colleen mortimer

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