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Masters (Adult) Cross-Country Ski Training Groups in Ottawa-Gatineau
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2013/10/21)


Over the past few years we've received countless inquiries about programs geared to older (ahem, more mature) skiers looking for organized training groups. In the ski world these groups are usually referred to as Masters groups. While XC Ottawa doesn't offer any Masters programs, we do know where to find them!

If you live in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, you are in luck as there are many groups to choose from. You can find social ones, intense training plans, and structured workouts and most have pre-season and winter cross-country training options to choose from. Have a look for yourself...

Hopefully one of these programs will suit your schedule and help you to prepare for the upcoming ski season so you can enjoy skiing even more this winter.

Kanata Nordic (website)

Kanata Nordic offers an adult novice learn-to-ski program, adult intermediate lessons for skiers with some experience, and an intermediate touring program for adults. Youth aged 14 or older are also welcome to join these programs.

On-snow lessons begin Saturday January 7, 2012 and run for 10 weeks. Dryland activities and social events begin in the fall. Read more about these offerings by clicking on the underlined text in the paragraph above. To register visit the Membership & Registration page. Registration opens on September 1, 2011 and discounts apply until Oct. 3, 2011.

If you have any questions please contact Ian Maclaren (masters@kanatanordic.ca).

XC Chelsea Masters (website)

XC Chelsea Masters dryland training for the cross-country ski season is every Tuesday night and Saturday morning. Roller skiing practice is Thursday night. Practice locations and details are posted here: http://xcchelseamasters.com/upcoming-practices/

Head coaches Natalya Kuziak, leads the Tuesday and Saturday workouts which will focus on endurance, short aerobic vertical intervals, strength, power, speed and flexibility. Participants are led through a combination of dynamic warm-up activities, ski walking, ski bounding, some running, plyometrics, general strength exercises, agility exercises and speed work. Sessions finish with 15 minutes of yoga. Participants should bring their dryland/classic xc ski poles, exercise mat, medicine ball, stretch bands, water belt, head lamp, dry clothes to change into, and dress for running.If you are curious now is the time to come out and give it a try since registration will be limited this year! Drop-in is still available. All participants must sign up for membership online and bring their signed waiver to their first practice.

Roller skiing is lead by Steffan Lloyd on Thursdays in well-lit areas around Ottawa. Practice includes instruction on basic technique skills (e.g. balance, body position, specific ski strength, and agility), plus specific ski techniques (e.g. one skate, two skate, offset, double poling, etc.). Intervals and sprints will be introduced gradually. Participants will need to bring rollerskis, rollerski poles, helmet, gloves, ski boots, sunscreen, any elbow or knee pads you want to use, water and water belt. Lights for helmets or belts may be useful when the sun starts setting earlier in the evening.

Winter training Tuesdays and Saturdays in the Gatineau Park: The training goals will include a combination of technique work, ski specific strength, aerobic intervals, anaerobic intervals, speed work, and practice races. Location of practices will be announced on the Fall/Winter Training page and the ski style will alternate between classic one week, skate the next. http://xcchelseamasters.com/upcoming-practices/

Skinouk - Programme Ski+ (website)

- Mise en forme et sorties récréo-sportives pour adulte
- Entraînement pré-ski à l'automne
- Entraînement de ski de fond à l'hiver
- Cours de ski de fond
  (Description de tous cours)
Votre coordonnateur Ski+
Benoît Fontaine


Chelsea Nordiq (website)

Chelsea Nordiq offers a 16 week on-snow Learn to Nordic Ski Program suitable for adults 18+ of all levels and abilities for just $100 (adult program fee). There is a $50 club fee for the family. Emphasis is on the development of essential skills and technique for more efficient and enjoyable skiing. Both classic and skating styles will be covered. The program also offers:

  • -Fitness Advice and Mentoring
  • -16-weeks of on-snow sessions (once per week included)
  • -Expert coaching

They will help you achieve your personal goals ranging from: touring, fitness, weight loss, cross-training,completing a Ski Marathon or personal bests.

Time and Location. The Chelsea Nordiq Adult Program Every Monday, 18:30hrs at the Mackenzie King Estate P6 from first week in Dec to April.

Head Coach: Maurice Samm, msamm@telus.net
President: Peter Solomon, petersolomon@sympatico.ca


Living and coaching natural fitness through clean oxygen fed sport.

Looking for adventure, lifestyle, or performance fitness?

Nordic skiing will build functional core strength, cardiovascular endurance, aerobic power, agility,balance, and confidence in a pragmatic and natural environment. You can achieve superior total-body conditioning with one sport. The natural fitness lab, Nordic ski program is both inclusive and comprehensive. Many participants have personal goals ranging from the improved skills, fitness, weight loss, finishing the Ski Marathons, to elite high performance racing. Our competitive ski team (xczone) regularly trains with the adult program and helps mentor developing skiers.

The ski program offers:

  • -80 expert leads sessions over 16 weeks
  • -Fitness Program Nordic Skiing or multisport athletes (from novice top elite levels)
  • -6-months of group trail running (free)
  • -4 month dryland training program of rollerskiing and ski striding.
  • -16-weeks of on-snow sessions (twice per week included)
  • -52-week total training program, personal training and virtual coaching (costed option)
  • -Technical instruction and coaching by Olympic and former national team skiers. -Technique and training DVDs (costed option)
  • -Special seminars and clinics (costed option)

The programs are supported by: Best-selling instructional and motivational products for fitness training, technique and sports psychology produced by www.xczone.tv

Lise Meloche, 1992, 1994 Olympics, 5x World Cup Gold Medalist
David McMahon, 1993 National Biathlon Champion
Contact: gravity@xczone.com

Women's Daytime Nordic Ski Training Group (website)

Who: Women who are committed to training together on a weekly basis. They must be aged 50 or older, active, reasonably fit and comfortable on classic and / or skate skis. No beginners, please. Our athletic backgrounds are varied! They include running, cycling, mountain biking, orienteering, swimming, hiking, paddling, boot camp, yoga and sailing. We each have our particular strengths and weaknesses, but share a love of training together outdoors.

When and Where: Dryland: Fridays 12:30 - 3:00 in Gatineau Park.
On Snow: Fridays and Mondays 12:30 - 3:00

Cost: Your commitment, energy and enthusiasm.
Applicable Winter Trail fees (Gatineau Park and Nakkertok)

For more information, please contact Jo-Ann Holden (jholden@musicianonskis.ca).


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