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Gatineau Park Ski Photos from April 15th, 2009
By:  David Paton   (2009/04/16)


Date: April 15, 2:15; Starting Point: P12; Glide: SPF 30; Grip: waxless; Trails Skied: 40, 24, 1 to Firetower, return.

Great coverage for April 15 in a year with no snowfall in Feb and March. Skis off at the three usual places climbing 40, then only once before Wolf Trail crossing. From Wolf Trail, skiis off only once before McKinstry, then in the last km. before the Firetower a couple of significant bare patches. In all, less than 5% walking and most of that in the last km. Climbing and descending have different requirements for walking (easier to see/avoid obstacles when climbing). There are a couple of places where you can easily climb on the way out, but may want to walk down on the way back - you'll see on the way out and can make the decision. Often you're skiing on clean snow - stuff that fell a week ago and hasn't yet melted. That snowfall has extended the season by a week at least. My recommendation is to find a modest bathing suit, some sunscreen, and get out now (late morning, after things soften/warm up)! The snow can go from 5% walking to 10% walking to 90% walking very quickly!

A few other skiers were sighted: an intrepid pair who parked at P12, cycled to Luskville Falls, climbed the hill and were skate skiing back to their van! From the tracks it looked as if they were without fear - they skied down everything! An NCC/Demsis patroller on the last patrol of the season. And a few people heading out late in the day for a short ski.

Some pictures. They go in numerical order from the parking lot(4761), with Wolf Trail hill and Firetower(4773) obvious. Last shot is to contribute to the sun rays in the picture skiing collection (looking back from near the end of MacDonald).

P12, Trail #40.

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