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BIG Name Skier Applies for XC Ottawa Team 2010
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2009/04/01)


As a rule we don't publish the applications we receive, but this one was simply too exciting not to share.  Check it out..

Applicant........... Bigfoot

Email............... bigfoot@yahoo.ca

Uniform Sizing...... Height: 9'2", Weight: 673lbs

1. List your results from what you consider to be your best 3 races over the past 2 years of cross-country ski racing.

Bigfoot rarely compete in sanctioned events. Showed up late for latest Jackrabbit testing, but me hear ultra famous Chris Jeffries whine real loud the time he not get speed 60 badge. I the real deal: speed 60 mine this year.

2. Provide a rough description of your training history and background. Include experience and results in other sports. Include any information that you believe to be relevant to elite-level cross-country ski racing.

My training best described as rugged/hard core. I mostly in woods all the time, running repeats of famous hills. You heard of Canyon? Bigfoot rock that regularly back in the day when NCC rule like all hell. Repeats, maybe sets of 37. Core strength Bigfoot calling card: boulder hucking, tree uprooting, car upturning. Try to get snap this year for sprinting.

8 time world chuck-chuck champion; play Ultimate Frizbee before it sell out.

3. List your most important short-term (1 year), medium term (4years), and long term goals (10 years).

Maybe you a little out of loop, but Olympics right in Bigfoot backyard next year. Me put it right out there: expect to be competitive in most events. Bigfoot have deep hunger for speed (and also hunger for Petter Northug's right leg). That kid spend too much time drafting Bigfoot and he get stomped. Also, it no big secret that Canadian men's relay team need a little Bigfoot magic.

Long term? Depend on lucrative cereal box endorsements. Bigfoot in it for good time not long time.

4. Please describe (in general terms) how you plan to achieve the goals you have listed above. Also, please suggest some ways that you believe you might be able to contribute to the success of XC Ottawa.

Me train all the time, hard. You heard of Juha Mieto? (actually distant relative) Bigfoot learn from the best. Specifics of approach top secret, Bigfoot keep options open in case of World Cup Academy scholarship.

5. Assuming that you are accepted to XC Ottawa, please describe what you expect to be doing while you are not training and racing in the upcoming year. Please indicate if you expect to be a student, and if so, in what program and at what institution. If you expect to be working, please indicate what type of work you anticipate being involved in.

Bigfoot look forward to wild party at The Cabin in downtown Byward market. Also have some potential trail work contract from Demsis, but no one return Bigfoot's calls yet. Plan to stay where quiet, maybe near Curve of Destiny.

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