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2009 CSM Report #2
By:  Mike from Tweed   (2009/02/11)


For the last 2 years I have participated in the CSM doing only one section. I used my waxless skis as they gave me the best control but every other skier I met passed me. In an article in "Explore" magazine I read years before I signed up to try it the author attributed his failure to make cut-off to waxless skis. This year I was going to practice my waxing and get really good glide with waxed skis.

Then I checked out the XC Ottawa waxing report just before the weekend. It said for grip - Waxless!!! and that the fresh grooming should be fast. That combined with the comments that waxing would be challenging and me not knowing if trail described as "intermediate" would be much harder than the "easy" sections I had done in the past made me switch back to my waxless pair.

For me it was a good move. I started the section 5 when it opened at 10:30am and skied to the Chateau to meet my wife. Did the over 18km in under 3 hours which was a record time for me. The glide was good, especially double poling, and I was able to take a few extra steps before starting every herringbone. Got in just as light rain started and was not as "worn out" as I had been in past years.

Had a great time. Next year I will do at least 2 sections. I will be looking for the waxing tips and plan to use my waxed skis. Thanks for the wax tips.

--Mike from Tweed

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