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Top 5 Ways to Have Winter FUN in Ottawa!
By:  Alana Thomas   (2009/02/05)

1. Go skating on the Rideau canal and get a beavertail. This wonderful deep fried batter "tail" covered in sugar, cinnamon and lemon is sure to provide more than sufficient energy to skate downtown to see all the glitzy lights that are downtown Ottawa on any winter evening! Bring a friend or two (or as many as you can find) for extra fun!

2. Play hockey on an outdoor rink. (Ottawa has 233!) This is the most quintessentially Canadian thing you will ever do! I have recently taken up hockey and have to say that it's a total blast! All you need to do is find some skates and a stick and get out there. Someone is bound to let you join in with whoever is playing. The best part is that there are unwritten rules of shinny- go easy on the people who aren't very good! So don't be intimidated by all those all-stars out there showing off!

3. Go Cross-Country skiing- this is kind of a given. I figure if you are reading this site you don't need any further explanation as to why this is a good idea!

4. Skate to school/work/dinner/pub/downtown on the canal. Even without a beavertail feed, this is one sweeeeet way to get around town! Who wants to negotiate snowy roads in the car or on a bike? Not me!

5. Go see a Sens game. Ok, so this is technically in Kanata, but that's alright! If you can find a way to get tickets, go see them play! The atmosphere of any sporting event that draws more than 15,000 people on a weeknight is awesome and it gets even better if you get really into it yourself. I am proud to say that I now own a "Heatley" sens shirt to wear when I go!

Don't forget to get out and enjoy winter! Skiing is an excellent way to do it but it isn't the only way, so if you don't have a ride or quite enough time or just want to try something exciting and new, go for it!

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