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Updated info for 2009 XC Ottawa Duathlon Racers and Parents
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2009/01/09)

Hello Skiers,

Hope you are all ready for a great weekend of racing. With Coupe Skinouk and the XC Ottawa Duathlon everyone should get in two great days!

Here are all the details you need to know about the XC Ottawa Duathlon. But feel free to ask us questions - info@xcottawa.ca.

1) Weather: Bring lots of warm clothes! The overnight low is -27C and hopefully the weather cooperates and temperatures warms up to the -20C minimum so we can run the race. Below -20C there are risks and we won't run a race. Here are some severe cold weather tips, and the rules races must follow for cold weather - http://www.cccski.com/main.asp?cmd=doc&ID=609&lan=0

We really don't want to have to cancel this event, but we are pressed for time. We only have use of the Nakkertok facilities until 12:00 and have to clear the parking lot by 12:15 so the next group can get in and setup for the afternoon.

In the event that it's too cold to start on time we will consider altering the race format, shortening the distances and further combining categories. We will discuss this with coaches and officials on site and make announcements after that.

2) Course Maps: Larger version will be available to view at the site on race day. Make sure you know your courses!

3) Start times and Distances by category.
Category Age Total Distance?
(Classic and Skate)
Approx Start Time*
Open Men & Women 1989 & older 10k (2 X 2.5km + 2x2.5km) 9:00
Junior Men & Women 1989 & older 10k (2x2.5km + 2x2.5km) 9:00
Junior Boys & Girls 1991-1992 5k (2.5km + 2.5km) 9:30
Juvenile Boys & Girls 1993-1994 5k (2.5km + 2.5km) 9:30
Midget Boys & Girls 1995-1996 3k (1.5k + 1.5k) 10:00
Mini-Midget Boys & Girls 1997-1998 3k (1.5k + 1.5k) 10:20
Pee-wee Boys & Girls 1999-2000 1.5k (FREESTYLE) 10:45
Atom Boys & Girls 2001-2002 1.5k (FREESTYLE) 10:45

* Except for the 9:00 start, use other start times as a guideline only. With exchanges we may need to wait until skiers clear the stadium.

4) Driving directions and maps to Nakkertok Nordic Centre (Nakkertok South) - http://english.nakkertok.ca/driving-directions

5) Waivers and Payment.

It won't break the piggy bank but before you can race you must pay $10. Please bring exact change!
Where does that money go..
  • - $7 of the money goes to Nakkertok to cover grooming cost, support the development of their race facilities and trail upkeep. This doesn't even cover grooming, so it's really a donation!
  • - $2 goes to XCOttawa.ca to cover expenses.
  • - $1 goes to the NCD for the NCD series racer fees (medals, awards, etc).

You must sign, or if under age have your parent/guardian sign, a waiver.

Get to the site at least an hour early, and do this at least 30 minutes before your start in order to get your bib.

6) Clearing out! We know when the ski community gets together everyone likes to socialize, but we are on a tight schedule Sunday morning. The next group needs the parking space by 12:15, so please be considerate and clearout quickly. We will everything we can to help speed things along.

Hope to see you all Sunday!
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