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Silver Star Update: Classic Sprints - What a Day!
By:  Team XC Ottawa   (2008/12/12)

The classic sprint day was unusual and full of surprises for XC Ottawa. First off, we were without our master waxer and coach John Suuronen, who has headed back to Ottawa. Still confident in our waxing abilities, we had our first doubts when we reached the race site only to realize we had forgotten all the wax! A quick double back to Silverstar and we had to accelerate our waxing routine. It was snowing hard, but luckily we nailed the grip wax right away with a favourite XC Ottawa Vauhti combo of carrot covered by green.

The next doubts came as the women lined up for their qualification round. Adele, Megan and Sheila watched as many of the first starters double poled the sprint course on skating skis. W-h-a-t? We thought this was only for the superhuman Norwegian men's sprint team.

Eventual winner Dasha Giaizova showing her double poling sprint prowess

Although they strided, all XC Ottawa women successfully advanced to the quarter finals. They quickly warned Karl, as he approached the start, that he should find some skate skis since the men would all be double poling. Karl hopped on early starter Chris Werrell's skis (thanks!) for his qualification round. Unfortunately Karl didn't advance to the quarters, but thankfully that meant the women had someone to help out! What to do in the hour fifteen until the quarters? Megan and Sheila battled the snowtorm back up to Silverstar to get skating skis.

Both were still doubting their choice as they lined up for their quarter final - but the general thought was that we didn't have much to lose and it would be good time to try this out. Megan thought she was much stronger double poling and ended up third in her quarter final, 15th overall. While Sheila was better striding in the qualifier and ended up 24th overall after the quarter finals.

Men's A Final - Dave Nighbor won in an exciting sprint finish

Colin in the junior men's quarter final

Colin qualified for the junior men's quarterfinals. He chose to stride all of his heats, and ended up an impressive 9th junior man overall.

Adele racing in her semi-final

Adele reached the junior women's B final, and finished 7th junior woman overall. She also decided to stride rather than double pole.

The drive home - not so relaxing in a snowstorm (we got stuck a couple of times!)

Today is the final race of the trip, a 10km classic for the women and 15km classic for the men.  It will be a fun race under the lights.  Hopefully the cold holds off long enough for it to go ahead as planned.
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